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Up to 14,000 yen off amazon tablets "Fire HD series" and "Fire TV series" that can also play games on Black Friday!

ゲームもできるAmazonタブレット「Fire HDシリーズ」や「Fire TVシリーズ」などがブラックフライデーで最大14,000円OFF!

Black Friday is now underway at Amazon.co.jp, Japan's largest e-commerce site, with big discount sales.
Amazon is currently holding a Black Friday sale on its website, and many people are loosening their purse strings to purchase gadgets and devices at very reasonable prices.
Amazon's own "Fire HD series" tablets and "Fire TV Stick" smart TVs are also heavily discounted on Black Friday!

Amazon's Fire HD series is up to 14,000 yen off!


The Fire HD series is Amazon's tablet that can read, play games, and is an excellent cosmetic tablet, but it is discounted up to 14,000 yen!
You can buy another one with the discounted 14,000 yen.
Eligible products and discount rates are as follows.

Product name List Price Sale Price
Fire 7(16GB) 5,980 yen 4,480 yen
Fire 7(32GB) 7,980 yen 5,480 yen
Fire HD 8(32GB) 9,980 yen 7,980 yen
Fire HD 8(64GB) 11,980 yen 8,280 yen
Fire HD 8 Plus(32GB) 11,980 yen 7,980 yen
Fire HD 8 Plus(64GB) 13,980 yen 9,980 yen
Fire HD 10(32GB) 15,980 yen 10,280 yen
Fire HD 10(64GB) 19,980 yen 14,280 yen
Fire HD 10 Plus(32GB) 18,980 yen 13,280 yen
Fire HD 10 Plus(64GB) 22,980 yen 17,280 yen
Fire HD 10(32GB) Essential Set 33,979 yen 19,979 yen
Fire HD 10 (64GB) Essential Set 37,979 yen 23,979 yen
Fire HD 7 Kids model (16GB) 11,980 yen 7,280 yen
Fire HD 8 Kids model (32GB) 14,980 yen 9,280 yen
Fire HD 10 kids model (32GB) 19,980 yen 13,280 yen

As you can see, the Fire HD 10 Essential Set is 14,000 yen cheaper and comes with a cover with keyboard and Microsoft 365 Personal 1-year edition for less than 20,000 yen, which is quite a bargain.
If it's 14,000 yen cheaper, you can buy a Fire HD 10 Plus (32GB) with that 14,000 yen! That Fire HD 10 Plus (32GB) is also 5,700 yen cheaper, so you can get even more for 5,700 yen... (loop below)
Black Friday is a great time to save, but be careful not to loosen your purse strings too much!

And save on the Fire TV and Echo series!


Many of you watch monthly subscription video streaming on your TV (not NHK), but if your TV is not compatible with Smart TV, you will have to watch it on PlayStation or Xbox.
However, if you are a gaming PC user and do not have a consumer game console, it is a bit inconvenient.
Amazon's Fire TV series is perfect for you.
Simply plug it into your TV's HDMI and you can easily turn your TV into a smart TV.
And if you are a Prime member, you can watch all the popular content on Prime Video! The Fire TV series is also extremely affordable on Black Friday!

Product Name List Price Sale Price
Fire TV Stick 4,980 yen 2,480 yen
Fire TV Stick 4K Max 6,980 yen 3,980 yen
Fire TV Cube 14,980 yen 7,980 yen

Fire TV Stick is only 2,480 yen! You can't go wrong, Amazon!

Amazon Black Friday ends December 2nd at 23:59!


Other products such as the Echo series of smart home appliances are also at a much lower price.
Amazon.co.jp's Black Friday ends at 23:59 on December 2.
Popular items may sell out, so don't miss this opportunity to take the plunge!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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