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From game peripheral manufacturer Alone, "Wirele Controller V2 for Switch" with a rear button equipped with a macro function has appeared! There is also a giveaway campaign!


Alone Inc., a video game peripheral manufacturer, has released the " Wirless Controller V2 for Switch " for 3,480 yen including tax, which has a rear button with a macro function to help you input commands in fighting games!
Alone Inc. is a Japanese manufacturer with experience in producing other controllers with rear buttons, so you can rest assured!

Equipped with a rear macro function! Gyro and vibration functions!


During game play, there are not enough fingers to press the buttons! This is an experience that is not easy to have. This experience is not uncommon, especially for those who play action, fighting, and shooting games that require quick controller movements.
Try holding the controller in a strange asymmetrical way, or hold it in the opposite direction....

With the "Wirless Controller V2 for Switch" with rear buttons, you're all set!
The buttons are placed at the position of the middle finger, which supports the controller when held in the normal way. You can assign any buttons you like! If you have small hands and find it difficult to press ZL/ZR, you may find it convenient to use the rear buttons.

Furthermore, this product's rear buttons have a macro function, so by storing a sequence of actions such as "press X, then A twice," you will be able to open the menu and use items in the game with a single press of a single button.
The possibilities are endless! It can be used for building, leveling up, or even learning commands for gaming!


The Wirless Controller V2 for Switch also features a gyro-sensor function and vibration function! You can play comfortably even when playing wirelessly. It can be used continuously for about 6 hours, and can be recharged in about 3 hours. It can be recharged quickly and played for a long time.

A giveaway campaign is also underway!


A giveaway campaign for the "Wirless Controller V2 for Switch" is currently underway on Twitter!
Two winners will be selected by drawing to win a Wireless Controller V2 for Switch!
The deadline for entry is Thursday, May 26, 2022, so hurry up and enter if you want to win!
To enter, follow the official Aaron's Inc. Twitter (@ALLONE_2021) and retweet the eligible tweets.
Why don't you apply for the campaign?

How to apply

Overview of the "Wirless Controller V2 for Switch" Present Campaign
Entry deadline May 26, 2022 (Thursday)
Prize WIRE Controller V2 for Switch (2 winners)
Entry conditions Those who upload photos or videos of their use of the controller on Twitter.
Those who have a public Twitter account.
Winners will be notified by DM.


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