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"PRIGMA ASSISTRING", which enables high-dimensional aim, is now on sale!


Many games, such as FPS and racing games, require fine manipulation to win, don't they?
Especially in FPS games, a split-second difference in aiming can often make the difference between victory and defeat.
Aiming for a higher level of success requires high-precision aiming, and now, a new item that assists in this process is available from " A5," a gaming device brand developed by Clutch, LLC.
The name of the item is " PRIGMA ASSISTRING ", a gadget for controllers!

A ring that attaches to the analog stick


PRIGMA ASSISTRING" is a ring-type item that is attached to the analog stick.
By attaching the ring to the analog stick, the stick will not fall down at once, thus preventing over-aiming.
Of course, it is useful not only in FPS games, but also in games that require fine control with the analog stick.

The "PRIGMA ASSISTRING" was originally included in the " PRIGMA AIMINGGRIP ", a non-slip grip for controllers that A5 has already released, but we received a lot of requests from fans to sell the " ASSISTRING" as a standalone product. However, in response to the passionate requests from fans, the Assist Ring is now available as a stand-alone product .
However, the product is not sold as is, but has been thoroughly improved!
The product has been monitored by about 50 game players, including professional e-sports players, and has been reborn as a product that satisfies users in terms of operability and durability.


The material used is an originally developed material mainly composed of highly elastic natural rubber with Type H1 hardness, which not only minimizes tearing and damage when removing the ring, but also boasts high durability, being usable for approximately one and a half months without deterioration even when used continuously for two to three hours a day. The Cospa is also highly durable.
That's a cosmetic when it comes to long, reliable use!

Release date and price

PRIGMA ASSISTRING will go on sale today, Monday, June 8, 2020, for 1,980 yen for a set of five, and can be purchased from the official A5 online store and Amazon.
Various high-performance controllers are available from various manufacturers, but they are inevitably expensive, and changing from a familiar controller can be difficult to get used to.
With "PRIGMA ASSISTRING", you can easily attach it to your favorite controller that you are used to, so you can try it out easily.
For details, please refer to the "PRIGMA ASSISTRING " product page!


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