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Try drinking. Blade Fang 30th Anniversary Sake "Blade Fang -BAKI-" released!

飲(や)ってみろ。刃牙30周年記念酒「刃牙 -BAKI-」発売ッッ!

Since the serialization of "Grappler Baki" in 1991, Keisuke Itagaki's "Baki" series has been the bible for all men.
In September 2021, the series will celebrate its 30th anniversary, and various events are being held.
As of March 2022, " 30th Anniversary of the Series: Exhibition of the Strongest Baki on Earth in Tokyo Dome City" is being held at Gallery AaMo in Tokyo Dome City. in Tokyo Dome City " is currently being held at Gallery AaMo in Tokyo Dome City.
There are so many things to see in this exhibition, but you should not miss the life-size "underground arena" which was realized through crowdfunding.
The exhibition will be open until Sunday, April 17, 2022, so be sure to visit!
In addition to the events, many 30th anniversary items are also on sale.
As funglr Games previously introduced the "Ogre Sake " featuring Yujiro Hanma, the online sake store " KURAND"" which carries the "Ogre Sake," has launched a new online store, " KURAND"" which sells the "Ogre Sake. quot;the online sake store that carries the "Oniriho Sake", has announced a new sake collaboration!

強くなりたくば喰らえ!いや、飲め!範馬勇次郎をモチーフにした日本酒「鬼丿貌酒 -オーガ-」発売!

The sake comes in a box with a famous scene designed on it!

刃牙30周年記念酒"刃牙 -BAKI-"
Baki 30th Anniversary Sake "BAKI

Baki 30th Anniversary Sake "Baki -BAKI-" is an original label sake commemorating the 30th anniversary of the "Baki" series.
The label depicting the main character "Baki Hanma" is of course a must, but what is also noteworthy is the box.
The special design is a compilation of famous scenes selected by fans from the 1,248 episodes depicted in the 30-year long history of the series.

刃牙30周年記念酒"刃牙 -BAKI-"
Baki 30th Anniversary Sake "BAKI

The original label on the bottle and the box are also a permanent keepsake.
Like the "Ogre" sake, the "Baki Baki" is made with a strong sake that Keisuke Itagaki likes and that gives the "Baki" series its image of strength.
The sake is made from Yamahai (mountain waste) and is rich, dry, and strong in both taste and alcohol content at 20% alcohol by volume.
You will probably say, " Yummy ......" just like the dry sherry Baki drank when he dined with Yujiro!

Limited quantities available from March 8!

BAKI", a commemorative sake for the 30th anniversary of Baki, will be available at the online sake store "KURAND" from 17:00 on March 8, 2022 (Tuesday)! The price is 5,000 yen (tax included) for a 720 ml bottle.
Shipping will begin sequentially from early April 2022 on ward.
The cherry blossoms are beautiful around the beginning of April when the shipment will start, but due to the current situation, it is difficult to enjoy cherry blossom viewing on a large scale.
However, you will be allowed to sip a glass with cherry blossoms that you can see from your house!
How about tasting the 30th anniversary commemorative sake "BAKI" while feeling the weight and depth of 30 years of the series?
For product details and reservations, please check the product page of "BAKI" at the online sake store "KURAND"!
Also, " Sake Gacha ", where you can enjoy encountering new sake, is now on sale at "KURAND", so be sure to check it out too!


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