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I made the official and back program timetable summary of "Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online"


The " Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online" (hereinafter referred to as "TGS2020Online") has finally begun, and since it is the first online event, the atmosphere is completely different from past Tokyo Game Shows.
In the past, we had to walk around in that huge venue, weaving our way through the crowds, going back and forth from one place to another. It was quite tiring.
This year, however, it was online. I thought I could just leave the official feed on...but then each manufacturer announced their behind-the-scenes feeds!
It seems that just because we don't walk around, we will still be going back and forth from this time to that time. But this should be fun and eventful!

Of course, funglr Games will be watching TGS2020Online. We will be providing you, our readers, with the information you are looking forward to at TGS2020Online, from a perspective that is uniquely fun for us at funglr Games.
In preparation for this, we have compiled a list of official programs and behind-the-scenes programs from various manufacturers, and we thought it might be useful for our readers. I thought it might be useful to our readers, so I'm releasing it to the public!
Let's all enjoy TGS2020Online!

TGS2020Online Timetable List

The following list was created.
In addition to the official programs, this list includes information on distribution from Sega Atlas, Square Enix, Capcom, Koei Tecmo, and Bandai Namco.
It's a wide horizontal list, so scroll sideways to see it!

Schedule Start Time Official Program Official Backstage Program SEGA ATLUS SQUARE ENIX CAPCOM KOEI TECMO Namco Bandai
Thursday, 24th 20:00~ Opening program
21:00~ Microsoft Japan
Xbox Tokyo Game Showcase 2020
22:00~ 22:00~ SQUARE ENIX
NieRTGS2020 Special Special with so-so new information!
NieRTGS2020 Special Special with so-so new information
23:00~ 23:00~ 24:00~ 24:00~ 24:00~ 24:00 Lightning Games
Lightning Games presents three masterpieces from Lightning Games!
24:00~ 24:00~
Friday, 25th Organizer's Program
The latest technology trends in the gaming industry for 2021
12:00~ 12:00~ Gamera Game
Gamera Game Now! ~Tokyo Game Show Special
HUAWEI AppGallery for more fun with games! TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020
14:00~ 15:00~ Renaissance High School Group
Renaissance High School Group e-Sports Course
15:00~ 15:00~ 16:00~ 16:00~ e-Sports X Navi! Compilation
The highlights of all e-Sports X tournaments! e-Sports X Navi in 10 minutes!
16:00~ 16:00~ Lilith Games
TGS2020] "AFK Arena x Raikin" TGS Special Official Live Broadcast (tentative)
17:00~ 17:00~ BENQ Japan
BENQUE JAPAN K.K. New Brand Presentation (tentative)
Sense of Wonder Night 2020
18:00~ 18:00~ 19:00~ 19:00~ DMM GAMES
Assault Lily Last Bullet "TGS Rasbare Broadcast Station" & "DMM GAMES New Collection TGS Special".
GameSanpo TGS Business Trip "This song is bad! Something good! Final Fantasy x Music Critic x Pianist" (18:15~)
19:00~ 19:00~ Keynote Speech
The Future Comes First to Games
Commemorating the release of "Chino Alice" Comics x Manga UP! Special Broadcast
20:00~ 20:00 SEGA / Atlus
SEGA Fan Meet-Up 2020 -Thanks to all SEGA fans!
SEGA Fan Meet-Up 2020 -Thanks to all SEGA fans! (20:15~)
21:00~ 21:00~ Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc.
GungHo TGS Official Special Show ~King of the Game Live
PSO2 NEW GENESIS Introduction (21:15~)
The World of Game Music performed by Pianist Nobuya Kiyotsuka
CAPCOM Special Program (Japanese)
SEGA Shopping Channel
23:00~ Information LIVE! Mouse Computer
e-Sports X
Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Section 1 Opening Round
Information LIVE! SEGA ATLAS
Efun new information program (tentative)
25:00~ 26:00~ Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited
Presented by arrows YASAI YASAI TGS Business Trip (tentative)
26:00~ 26:00
Saturday, 26th 10:00~ 10:00~ 11:00~ 11:00~ 11:00~ 11:00 Organizer's Program
How to enjoy e-sports in 2020
11:00~ 11:00~ 12:00~ 12:00~ 12:00~ 12:00~ D3 Publisher
Save the Square Earth! Digibox Earth Defense Forces" TGS2020 Online Live Broadcast (tentative)
12:00~ 12:00~ Happinet
Happinet GAME SHOWCASE in TGS2020
Information LIVE! SEGA ATLUS
●Celebrate 1st Anniversary! Full of excitement "Kemono Friends 3"
●First story update! Lost in Memories"
●Sonic Station LIVE!
Warring States? Modern Times? Harukanaru toki no nakade 7" TGS Special Program
13:00~ 14:00~ Japan Game Awards 2020
Amateur Division" Award Ceremony (90min.)
Calling all candidates for the Queen! Ammina" TGS Special Program
14:00~ 15:00~ Spike Chunsoft
Cyberpunk 2077" Night City Wire Special Broadcast in Japan
Segalto Q
Sega Shopping Channel
SQUANI KITCHEN -Slime Chigiri Bread Arrangement- (14:45~)
Rivals LIVE! Vol.2 SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS at TGS2020 Online Special!
The 30th anniversary of the "Age of Discovery" series and the latest information
15:00~ LEVEL 5
LEVEL5 TGS2020 Special Meeting (Japanese)
SEGA Partners Express
●Bakugan makes its first appearance on Nintendo Switch™! Warner Bros.
●Not Penguins! It's Pliny! /Nippon Ichi Software ●This is Shogi e-Sports! Silver Star Japan
●Hidden bullet in Aresta Collection! M2 - Feel my passion! Beep Japan
Cat and Watashi's Holiday - Everyday Life with SQUANI Goods
HADO with KINGDOM "Sangokushi" Special Program
16:00- (from 16:00) Super Dragon Quest X TV Tokyo Game Show 2020 Special (16:35~)
Hokuto Musou" series 10th anniversary program: A look at the app version of "Shin Hokuto Musou
17:00~ (17:05~) GREE
SEGA, ATLUS, and apart, but one in heart! Let's fight together!
Pro Soccer Club! Road to World"
・One year anniversary and more excitement! Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE"
・Old man from another world descends! The rush of new developments of "CHENKURO 2020"!

I got hooked on Sega and asked them about it!
SAGA" series TGS2020 Special Live Broadcast
The latest information on "One Million Winning Post"
"Monster Rancher" Koei Tecmo LIVE! in TGS 2020 Special Live Broadcast
18:00~ 18:00 Cygames
Shadowverse Champions Battle TGS2020 Special Live Broadcast
e-Sports X
Pazudora Champions Cup TGS2020 ONLINE
Open Today! Squeegee Shop - New Official Goods Information Unveiled! Would you like to equip yourself here? (18:20~)
Nioh 2" Special Program - TGS Business Trip Edition
19:00~ 19:00~ Japan Game Awards 2020 Annual Awards Day1
Japan Game Awards 2020 "Amateur Division" Award Ceremony
DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" Official Live Broadcast TGS Business Trip Edition "Let's play with the Devil!
20:00~ 20:00~ "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! KONAMI
Eden's Zero Game Adaptation & Anime Information Announcement
Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku" Just before its release! New Information Announcement SP TGS2020 Special Live Broadcast of "Toushi-no-Miko: Ikimishi Issen no Torch (20:40~)
Liza 2 will be shown for the first time! TGS2020 Gust's New Goods Introduction Special Program - Even if it goes online, the Gust Shop Sub-Branch is indestructible! ~~ KOEI TECMO Games, Inc.
21:00~~ Koei Tecmo Games
TGS2020 Special program on two major Koei Tecmo titles: "Liza Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy" and "Zelda Warriors: Revelation of the Evil One
e-Sports X
Magic: The Gathering Arena: Saturday Night Emergency "MTG"! Agenda: "NIJISANJI: The original trading card game that professional gamers are addicted to" (Japanese only)
The world's fastest live play! Puyo Puyo™ Tetris®2 ~Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered" - Music Festival on a Starry Moonlit Night at Billboard Live Tokyo Monster Hunter Rise", "Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Doom", "Street Fighter V Champion Edition First time to play on a real machine! Special program for "Liza's Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy
22:00~ 22:00 It's TGS, Eyes on the Prize! Shin Megami Tensei III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER NieR officials talk about almost no new information Special The world's first actual game play! Zelda Warriors: Revelation of the Evil" Special Program
Let's get together! I-O Game Channel - Let's enjoy games on the latest devices!
No idea if it's a lie or not... The Legend of SEGA
24:00~ 25:00~ "Zelda Warriors: The Revelation of Disaster Tencent Games
Let's get excited tonight with two great games from Tencent Games, Dorabla and Saint Lycos!
25:00~~ "Zelda Warriors: The Revelation of Disaster" special program
27th(Sun) 10:00~ 11:00~ 11:00 Organizer's Program
"Create games on Nintendo Switch and become a 'Game Creator! "
11:00~ 11:00~ 12:00~ 12:00~ 12:00~ 12:00~ LINEKONG.
Continuation of an immortal IP! Opening the Smartphone Game Era of the Ys Myth (tentative)
12:00~ 12:00~ Japan Electronics College
Japan Electronics College -TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020- (tentative)
Puyopuyo Championship TGS2020 Special Tournament - Four Heavenly Kings Ultimate Match (12:45~)
FF Trading Card Game - Beginners' Hall - (12:45~)
13:00~ Erespo Gakuen" Special Edition, a program discussing the "present" and "future" of Aqua eSports Japan Game Awards 2020
U18 Division Finals
FFBE" Official Live Broadcast "Information Room" TGS2020
14:00~ Information LIVE! AKRacing
AKRacing presents "AKTalking" Kane Kosugi, Myojo Shimobori, Michyopa
Information LIVE! Sega Atlas Sports Autumn is here! Let's play all the official video games of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! Puyokue Information Corner - Special Present! (14:45~)
FFBE "Phantom War" Rionis private broadcasting TGS2020
Home Video Games Information Part 1
15:00~ Sega Nandes! Koei Tecmo Games
TGS2020 KOEI TECMO Special Program "Shin-Sangoku Musou" 20th Anniversary Program
Sega Nandes! Shin-Sangoku Musou 20th Anniversary Program! Home Video Game Information Part 2
16:00~ Information LIVE! KONAMI
"Momotaro Dentetsu - Showa Heisei, 2038 - also a classic! ~Yoshimoto Geinin Special Showdown!
Sega, Atlus, and Ora will dissect the game in depth!
Astro City Mini
Miku Miku Miku Project DIVA MEGA39's"
"Sakura Wars" related information corner
Yuko Kawanishi's mini lecture D×2 Shin
Goddess Tensei: Revelation
Marvel's Avengers Avenger Department Reassemble! Game Show and Play Night! (16:20~)
KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez" special live broadcast
17:00~ 17:00~ Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc.
Sword Art Online/SCARLET NEXUS Special Live Broadcast
Dragon Quest Dai no Tai no Boken Game Project Autumn Special Live Broadcast!
Sword Art Online" Special Live Broadcast in TGS2020 Online
"SCARLET NEXUS" Special Live Broadcast
18:00~ Sega Partners Express
"Impulse Toshiyuki Itakura Meets EA! FIFA 21 Star Wars™: Skordron"
"Dungeon RPG/Experience"
"This is a Japanese style action RPG! Magram Road D3 Publisher
19:00~ "Mini 4WD Super Speed Grand Prix Japan Game Awards 2020
Annual Awards Announcement Event Day2
e-Sports X
Red Bull Untapped Japan Qualifier by Magic: The Gathering Arena
FFCC Character Designer Toshiyuki Itahana [SQUARE ENIX INTERVIEW]
Mini 4WD Super Speed Grand Prix" ~TGS Grand Prix! SP full of the latest information!
20:00~ "Sega Nama KLab Games
BLEACH Brave Souls "Manjide" Live Broadcast TGS Online Special!
Sega Nama - Sega game creator Toshihiro Nagoya's live cheers -" TGS Special (20:30~)
"Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave"~Seiya Marutto Special Live Broadcast~~ 21:00~ "Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave" ~Seiya Marutto Special Live Broadcast
21:00~ "Devil May Cry 5 Special miHoYo
TGS2020 Genshin Impact release eve! Special Broadcast!
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition" "Resident Evil Village Horror Night: "Little Nightmare 2" Game Introduction Live Special
Project CARS3" Special Live Broadcast
22:00~ "Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition" "Resident Evil Village PUBG JAPAN Esports conference 2020
PUBG JAPAN Esports conference 2020
24:00~ 24:00~ Ending Program
TGS2020 ONLINE Fan Meeting - Towards 2021
25:00~ 25:00~


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