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Can the expected next-generation PS5 and Xbox SX use the current controller?

期待の次世代機PS5とXbox SXは現行コントローラーの使用ができるの?

Sony's PlayStation 5 ( PS5) and Microsoft's Xbox Series X ( Xbox SX), both next-generation game consoles, are scheduled to be released in the holiday season of 2020.
Along with the new consoles, the PS5 will feature the new " DualSence " controller, which is packed with new high-performance technologies such as adaptive triggers, and it will be interesting to see how it will feel.
Both PS5 and Xbox SX will be able to play titles from past hardware, but this makes us wonder if current controllers will be able to be used.
For Xbox One, there is the expensive Elite wireless controller, and if it can no longer be used, it will be a problem...
Both Sony and Microsoft have released their own comments on this question!

PS5 titles will not be able to use it

PlayStation Blog

The PlayStation Blog made an announcement regarding the compatibility of PS4 peripherals with PS5.
However, PS5 titles can only be played with the new "DualSense" controller.
This is because DualSense is required to provide a unique PS5 experience that takes full advantage of new technologies and features.
So I can't use any of my current controllers? You may be thinking, "Well, you can use the DUALSHOCK 4, handlebar controllers, arcade controllers, flight sticks, and other officially licensed peripherals when playing PS4 titles on PS5 with the backward compatibility feature.
PSVR motion controllers, shooting controllers, and PlayStation Camera can also be used when playing PSVR titles on PS5.
Premium wireless surround headsets, wireless surround headsets, and headsets that connect via USB port or audio jack will also work with PS5.

The early word is that current controllers can only be used with the backwards compatibility feature.

And it works with Xbox SX titles!

Regarding whether Xbox One controllers can be used on Xbox SX, Xbox made a comment on the official twitter.

They said that all Xbox One controllers can be used in all Xbox SX games, as opposed to PS5 where PS4 controllers cannot be used!
The official Xbox One controller, adaptive controllers, Elite wireless controllers, and even "Designed for Xbox" third-party controllers and headsets can all be used.
The new Xbox SX controllers can be used with Xbox One, Windows PCs, Android and iOS devices, Project xCloud, and XboxGamePass.
Not only is there forward compatibility with the current product, but backwards compatibility with the new one is nothing short of amazing!
I can continue to use the Elite Wireless Controller that I've tailored to my needs!

Having said that, I'll have to actually touch it.

Even though PS4 controllers can't be used with PS5 titles, I understand the need for "DualSense" for new features, and I love Xbox's commitment to making all controllers usable.
That said, we haven't had a chance to try out the new controllers on both sides, so we can't say for sure until we actually use them!
Even if PS4 controllers can't be used with PS5 titles, we are sure that handle controllers and acetate controllers will be released in time for the release of racing and gaming games, so let's look forward to the release of PS5 and Xbox SX first!


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