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Thank you for your hard work this year! That article selected by funglr Games editorial staff This article!

今年もお疲れさまでした!funglr Games編集部員が選んだあの記事この記事!

Today marks the end of 2020, a year in which a lot happened.
This year was one in which the world was at the mercy of the new coronavirus, and we had to live a new lifestyle under various restrictions.
In such a situation, the demand for games and e-sports grew.
Whether it's getting out and about with " Atsumare Animal Crossing " on the Nintendo Switch or getting some exercise with the muscle RPG " RingFit Adventure," more and more people are looking for ways to have fun at home with games. The annual gaming festival, "The Gaming Festival," will be held on June 22nd.
The annual game festival " Tokyo Game Show " was also held online for the first time, and the excitement was as great as that of the offline event.
As the year 2020 will soon come to an end, the editorial staff of funglr Games has announced their personal best articles!
We'll also be showing you what was going on at the time and the reasons for our selections!

Nash Tajima

MADCATZ新作アケコン"EGO Arcade Stick"をfunglr GamesストVプレイヤーがレビュー!
MADCATZ new arcade stick "EGO Arcade Stick" reviewed by funglr games strv player!

Nash Tajima is an infrastructure engineer who, for various reasons, is unable or unwilling to write articles, but is active in game distribution and other activities.
Is it true that he is actually a Gil user or that he calls himself a Gil user to outsmart his opponents who have tried to counter Nash?
The article he chose this year was an article reviewing the new MAD CATZ arcade stick, "EGO Arcade Stick," which was released on October 31.
The reason he chose it was because it was "the most exciting purchase I made this year. Is that what you think of the article?

MADCATZ新作アケコン「EGO Arcade Stick」をfunglr GamesストVプレイヤーがレビュー!

MAD CATZ has successfully recovered from bankruptcy in 2017.
Many fans have been waiting for the new EGO Arcade Stick, and Nash Tajima is one of them.
"I bought the new MAD CATZ arcade stick, and I want you to write a review of it! " was his offer to make the review article a reality.
Nash Tajima is the most well-known name in funglr Games. Stay tuned for more from him next year!

Band Man

"米は力だ!"Nintendo Switch・PS4"天穂のサクナヒメ"の発売日が遂に決定!
"Rice is Power! "Nintendo Switch and PS4 "Tenho no Sakuna Hime" release date is finally set!

A bandstand band member with a passion for gaming and RPGs, as well as audio devices.
The bassist band member's No. 1 pick is an article published on July 21 about the release date of a Japanese-style action RPG game, " Amaho no Sakunahime.
When we asked him why he chose the release date, he replied, "I've been waiting for the release of SAKUNAHIME for a long time, so I was very excited when the release date was announced.
When it was released, it was a huge hit and actually fun to play. " he said.

「米は力だ!」Nintendo Switch・PS4「天穂のサクナヒメ」の発売日が遂に決定!

"Tenho no Sakunahime" will be released on Thursday, November 12, 2020.
As soon as the game was released, Twitter was abuzz with talk of " rice farming " and related topics, and the fact that the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is a strategy site was also a topic of conversation.
This title has been the topic of endless conversation, with a total of 500,000 units shipped worldwide within two weeks of its release, which is unprecedented for an indie game.
The developer of "Amanoh no Sakuna Hime" was recently interviewed by the Ministry of Agric ulture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), and the interview was posted on MAFF's Facebook page.
Why don't you learn more about rice cultivation through the "SAKUNAHIME of AMAHO," a rice cultivation game that is too hard to be played?

LAN Cable Man

"三國志14"に登場している焼酎"薩州 赤兎馬""薩州 呂布"を飲んでみた!
We tried the shochu "Satsushu Akabaguma" and "Satsushu Rofu" that appear in "Sangokushi 14"!

LAN Cable Man, who does not appear much in the articles, manages the web server infrastructure of funglr Games and the network of the Fangler Games studio.
He chose to write about Satsushu Aka Usaba (sweet potato shochu) and Satsushu Rofu (barley shochu), both of which were published on June 5.
He says "Aka-Usagi is good and I could drink it easily "... Is that his impression of the article?

「三國志14」に登場している焼酎「薩州 赤兎馬」「薩州 呂布」を飲んでみた!

When we published the news about the collaboration between Koei Tecmo's historical simulation game " Sangokushi 14 " and Kagoshima Prefecture's shochu brewery " Satsushu Ham adaya Denbei", Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei sent us a letter saying " Please drink it! We have been reviewing energy drink for a long time, and we have been writing about it for a long time.
We have reviewed energy drinks before, but we never thought we would be reviewing alcoholic beverages.
Thank you very much, Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei!

We at funglr Games, a group of unparalleled sake lovers, are looking forward to receiving your requests for sake reviews again next year!


The new life-size figure of Liza and Moe Iori are performing together in a dream! Sneak into the "Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 ver.) unveiling"!

Yuchan , who drank beer during interviews in 2019 , will become editor-in-chief in 2020.
The editor-in-chief of funglr Games is an ENERGY DRINK drinker. At the end of the year, he will enjoy energy drinks with New Year's soba noodles, and at the beginning of the year, he will enjoy energy drinks with Osechi.
The article chosen by the editor-in-chief of funglr Games was an article covering the " Life-size Liza figure (Liza 2 ver.) un veiling" that was published on December 1!
We'll spare you the commentary on why we chose it, since we couldn't publish it!


The life-size figure of Liza, the main character of " Liza's Atelier 2: The Lost Lore and the Secret Fairy" and Moe Iori (@moe_five), an official cosplayer of Liza's Atelier, were together in a dream.
The figure is of course of high quality, with the wrinkles and texture of the costume and Liza's chubby thighs recreated, but Moe Iori, who also cosplayed as Liza at TGS2020 and drew attention as the " real Liza," is the strongest member of the lineup, and is now a formidable opponent.
Editor-in-Chief Yuu-chan says, "I was torn between which photos to include, so I included them all. Please check out the article to see what photos were included !

We look forward to seeing you again next year at funglr Games!

LAN cable man staring at the setting sun

That's all for now, here are the editorial staff's personal best articles.
Did you find your favorite article?
"I like this article! " "That article was interesting! If you have a favorite article, please send a reply to funglr Games on Twitter (@funglr_games ).
Your feedback is what motivates our editorial staff!

Thank you very much for reading funglr Games this year!
We look forward to your continued support of funglr Games!
I wish you all a wonderful gaming life in 2021! See you all next year!


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