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People with disabilities can work lively through esports! Focus on "ePARA", which specializes in barrier-free esports


Have you heard about ePARA, a web media and event specializing in barrier-free eSports?
Since 2019, ePARA has been operated by ePARA Corporation, a company that runs the "Barrier-Free eSports" business, which creates opportunities for people with disabilities to work actively through eSports.

About "ePARA" Activities


ePARA" not only operates web media (https://epara.jp/), but also manages tournaments and events, promotes employment of people with disabilities, and discovers, trains, and supports the next generation of e-sports players.
They have already held online events, and have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a "barrier-free e-sports café," which has reached its goal with more than 20 days left until the deadline.

What is the origin of the "ePARA" philosophy and content?


The "PARA" in ePARA comes from the word "parallel," meaning parallel, and the name "ePARA" was chosen to include a narrative in which the winners of barrier-free e-sports leagues will be able to compete on equal terms with top e-sports players in the future.

Expectations for the future of barrier-free e-sports!


Numerous e-sports events and web media have appeared, and many web media related to e-sports in particular have been launched from 2018 to 2019.
However, many e-sports media have closed or stopped updating within a year or so of their launch.
It is said that the profitability of web media is an issue, but the reality is that there are many media without "passion" that started by taking advantage of the e-sports boom.

However, "ePARA" was started with the "passionate desire" to "create opportunities for people with disabilities to work actively through e-sports. The business of operating e-sports events and web media specialized for barrier-free and disabled people is a very innovative and rare content.
Let's actively follow the activities of "ePARA"!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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