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Switch version "Apex Legends" capacity is 30GB...! In other words, microSD card required! Introducing the microSD card for Switch that I want to recommend!

Switch版「Apex Legends」容量は30GB…!つまりmicroSDカード必須!おすすめしたいSwitch用‎microSDカードを紹介!

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The microSD card is indispensable to Switch. There are also many microSD cards, and do you also hesitate about which the price should also buy, dispersive* and*? "He inexpensive for now!" They seem to say so and that it's chosen, the future, to be in trouble.... So I'd like to introduce the microSD card by which an editorial staff would like to make the recommendation how to choose a microSD card.

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32468Switch版「Apex Legends」容量は30GB…!つまりmicroSDカード必須!おすすめしたいSwitch用‎microSDカードを紹介!
Apex Legends
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30486Switch版「Apex Legends」容量は30GB…!つまりmicroSDカード必須!おすすめしたいSwitch用‎microSDカードを紹介!
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Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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