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100 years ago of BotW revealed! Zelda Musou Latest Work "Zelda Musou: The Apocalypse of Misfortune" announced!

BotWの100年前が明らかに!ゼルダ無双最新作「ゼルダ無双 厄災の黙示録」発表!

The Legend of Zelda: Press of the Wild " is one of the most popular titles on the Nitendo Switch.
This game is a masterpiece of the "The Legend of Zelda" series, and was a huge hit not only in Japan but around the world.
It is the best work in the "Legend of Zelda" series and has been a big hit not only in Japan but also in the world.
On September 8, 2020, a video was released about the "Legend of Zelda" series, and new information was announced! Koei Tecmo Games has announced the latest installment of the "Zelda Warriors" series, "Zelda Warriors: Apocalypse of Evil!

The truth about the "Great Calamity" 100 years ago is revealed!

The Legend of Zelda: Press of the Wild" takes place 100 years after the " Great Disaster" in Hyrule.
However, in the main game, "The Great Disaster" is mentioned, but never described.
But I'm sure you are curious about the details of what exactly happened during the "Great Calamity.
Zelda Warriors: Apocalypse of the Dam ned" will tell the story of the "Great Disaster"!

In the first trailer, we can see Link, Zelda, and four heroes fighting against many armies and big bosses, just like in the "Warriors" series.
There is not much information yet, but it will be interesting to see if they will be heading for the "Great Disaster" mentioned in "Press of the Wild" or if they will have another choice.

The most important thing to note is that the graphics of "The Legend of Zelda: Press of the Wild" have been recreated and further evolved!
I think the unique graphics are what make "Press of the Wild" so special.
The fusion of the worldview of "Press of the Wild" and the exhilaration of the Warriors' one-on-one combat is sure to be a lot of fun!

The next information will be released on September 26th!

Nintendo Switch "Zelda Warriors: Apocalypse of Evil" will be released on Friday, November 20, 2020! Both the packaged and downloadable versions will be priced at 7,920 yen (tax included).
A luxury " TREASURE BOX " with items will also be released!
The packaged version includes the game software, an acrylic art plate, a parasail-style blanket, and a metal charm for 16,720 yen (tax included).
Both the standard edition and the "TREASURE BOX" will be available for pre-order on September 11, 2020 (Friday), but the "TREASURE BOX" is expected to be a hot seller, so pre-ordering is a must if you want to be sure of getting one!

『ゼルダ無双 厄災の黙示録』1stトレーラー

And at the end of the "1st Trailer", there is a video titled " NEXT INFORMATION 9.26 "!
It seems that new information will be announced on September 26th (Saturday), so let's wait and see!

This title will definitely be more enjoyable if you have played "Press of the Wild," so if you haven't played it yet, please do so before its release!
There is so much to do in Press of the Wild, so get started as soon as possible! Get started today!

For more information, please check the official website of "Zelda Warriors: Apocalypse of Evil"!


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