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Yuru Gege is a big update! New content "YuruGeGe Sanpo" and "Ge history" with anime motifs are implemented!

ゆるゲゲが大型アップデート!新コンテンツ「ゆるゲゲさんぽ」と アニメをモチーフにした「ゲゲゲ史」を実装!

The " Loose Gegege no Kitaro: YOKAI Slapstick War " (abbreviated as " Loose Gegege") is a smartphone game based on the popular anime " GegegenoKitaro ".
It is a tower defense type game application in which Kitaro, his family members such as Kitaro, Oyaji and Neko Musume, and many other yokai such as Amabie, who is currently the talk of the town, appear in a loose form.
On July 14, 2020 (Tuesday), Yurugege implemented the biggest update in the game's history.

The biggest update in Yurugege history!

The biggest update in Yurugege history!

This update adds a new content " YuruGeGeGeSanpo " using location information and a new stage " GeGeGe History " based on famous scenes from each season of the "GeGeGe no Kitaro" anime.

New location-based content "Yuru Gegege Sanpo

New contents linked with location information, in which ghosts appear on the map

"Yuru Gegege Sanpo " uses the device's location-based service to make yokai appear on the in-game map.
The function allows users to receive items from yokai at "spots " located in various parts of the real world.
The game also features an "auto mode" that automatically receives items and an on/off setting for displaying the names of places on the map to ensure safety and privacy.
In addition, "sanpo- miles," which can be obtained according to the distance traveled, can be exchanged for various items at the "sanpo-shop," and "rare tickets & quot;" commemorating the opening of Yurugege-sanpo can be obtained until August 1, 2020 (Saturday) at 10:59 pm. quot; " commemorating the opening of YURUGEGEGE SANPO to the public.
There will also be other special events and limited-time-only yokai that will appear in conjunction with the event.
Why don't you enjoy "Yuru Gegege Sanpo" with moderate exercise when you take a short walk or when you want to relax your body?

You can taste the story of the anime through "GeGeGe History"!

New stages "GeGeGe History

Gegege History," which was added along with "Yuru Gegege Sanpo," is a group of new stages featuring memorable scenes from the "Gegege no Kitaro" anime series that has been aired to date.
By clearing the "Gegege History" stage "Faraway Gegege History," a stage based on a story depicted in the "Gegege no Kitaro" anime will be released.
This new area, the first to be released, is " Chapter 1 of 4 in Hell: The Messenger from Hell, the Spider from Hell.
Nue", one of the "Four Generals of Rebellion" from the anime "Gegege no Kitaro" (6th season), stands in the way as a formidable foe.
The strong enemy will be drawn in the style of YuruGeGeGe, so watch out for what kind of visuals it will have.

Enjoy "YuruGeGeGe" more than ever!

New content "Yuru Gegege Sanpo" (Yuru Gegege Walk)

In addition to the "YuruGeGeGe Walk" and "GeGeGe History," various functions have been added and adjusted in this update.
The game has been made even easier to play than before, making it easier to play for users who have been enjoying the game for a long time, as well as for those who have just started playing.
If you have never played the game before, why not take this opportunity to give it a try?
For more details, please check the official "Yuru Gegege" website.

Yuru-GeGeGeGe no Kitaro: Yokai Dotabata Daisho (Yuru-GeGeGe)
Genre Slapstick yokai tower defense
Supported OS iOS
Distribution Date November 1, 2018
Price Basically free (some parts charged)
Official website https://yurukita-game.com/
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/yurukitagame


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