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Crowdfunding for the commercialization of the hologram smartphone stand "Holoste" that can summon the NFT and favorite character you own has started!


YUIMEX, Inc. announced the start of crowdfunding for the commercialization of "HoloStage," a smartphone stand that allows users to summon their favorite characters and NFTs as holograms using their smartphones.

What is "Holostage"?


HoloStage is a smartphone stand that allows users to easily summon characters as holograms by simply placing their smartphones on it.
To use it, simply assemble the cardboard and set your smartphone on it, and it is ready to use.

In addition to purchasing and summoning characters exclusively for the holosteel, you can also summon your own NFTs or characters of your own creation.
In addition, the project was launched thanks to the efforts of two companies, Craftsman Essence and Mazda Paper Industries, Inc.


What is YUIMEX?


YUIMEX is an Ani-Tech company that handles a variety of anime goods.
The company offers a service called "AniPic!" that allows users to collect official digital assets of anime works as NFTs.

The company recently raised a seed round of funding through a third-party allocation of new shares to ANOBAKA, iFund, and Upstart Ventures.
The company also operates AniFav (https://anipicstore.jp/), an e-commerce site that delivers original goods from anime productions to more than 130 countries and regions worldwide.

Video of the holostay in use

Support can be made from 500 yen, and the company is aiming to reach its goal of 500,000 yen.
The latest goods information and special campaign information is being sent out on the official Twitter.


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