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LIVE × GAME new genre LPG "Eugene" pre-registration start!

LIVE × GAMEな新ジャンルLPG「ユージェネ」事前登録開始!

Ltd. started pre-registration for " Eugene," a new genre of LPG game application for smartphones, on March 8, 2021 (Mon.)!
In conjunction with this, the second PV has been released, and some game information has also been released on the official "Eugenes" website.

What is Eugenes?


Eugene is a game for smartphones that incorporates two elements: " live distribution " that makes full use of cutting-edge " space-time LIVE technology " including AR, and " open world adventure " that is as close to the real Japan as possible. The storyline of this game is "The World of the Dead," which is a game for smart phones.
In the story of this game, you and the heroines of the game, called "Asterista," embark on an adventure to save the "#world" (hashworld).

The story of "Eugenes

In addition to the battle against the mysterious invader "Eyes," the key to the rebirth of the "#World" is to participate in the " #Live" (HashLive) live broadcasts by the Astaristas.

Enemy "Eyes" blocking the player's way

"#Live" (hash live)

Let's enjoy #zero-distance entertainment by "LPG" (Live Playing Game ), a new genre that combines LIVE and GAME!

Pre-registration is now open!

Pre-registration is now open, and rewards will be given according to the number of registrations!

Pre-registration campaign
  • 50,000 registrations: 100 Astagems
  • 100,000 registrations: 100 ASTA Gems (200 total)
  • 150,000 registrations: A flashy ale that can be used during live performances
  • 200,000th user: 100 ASTA Gems (300 total)
  • 250,000 reached: A jumping box during the live performance!
  • 300,000 reached: Perform a cartwheel during the live performance!
  • 500,000 users: Perform a backflip during the live performance!

Astagem" is an in-game currency that can be used within Eugene.

I'm curious to see what they will do during the live performance after they reach 250,000 members.
It is not yet clear what the "#Live" will be like, but let's pre-register and wait for more information.
Pre-registration can be done at the following locations, so use the one that suits you best.

Twitter Campaign for 1,000,000 yen worth of products to be raffled off!

To celebrate the start of pre-registration, a "Pre-registration Commemorative Campaign " will be held on the official Eugene Twitter account, where you can win 1,000,000 yen worth of products by lottery!

Characters to be featured in the game will also be revealed!

Along with the start of pre-registration, the rough storyline of the game and the asteristas who will be with you in your adventures were also revealed.

Sakura Seto

Sakura Setoユージェネ公式Twitter

Tanaka, Cosmic Heaven (Sora)

Tanaka, Cosmic Heavenユージェネ公式TwitterPR TIMES


Anjaユージェネ公式TwitterPR TIMES

The world of Eugenes is gradually being revealed.
The world of Eugenes is gradually being revealed, and there is even a live performance that comes with the pre-registration bonus, so keep an eye out for more announcements!
For more information, please check the official Eugenes website and the official Eugenes Twitter account.

Title Outline
Title name Eugenes
Genre Live Playing Game
Price Free to play (with item charges)
Supported OS iOS 13.1 or later
Android 9.0 or later
Some installation restrictions apply to models that do not support AR.
Official website https://colopl.co.jp/yougeneration/
Official Twitter account https://twitter.com/yougene_colopl


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Colopl announces new game "Eugene" for smartphones like "LIVE ×GAME"
Colopl announces new game "Eugene" for smartphones like "LIVE ×GAME"...

Corporation KOROPURA released game "YUJENE" for new smart phone where "LIVE x GAME" is a key word. The teaser site on which a message as &qu