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Yakult's official browser game"Yabai. Tough man Tired child ine!! ~"Release!

ヤクルト公式のブラウザゲー「やばいぜ。タフマン 〜疲れた子はいねがー!!〜」リリース!

Yakult has been supporting people's health for many years. I am sure everyone has taken Yakult at least once.
I also receive a weekly delivery of " Yakult 1000, " which is sold only in eastern Japan and is expected to relieve stress and improve the quality of sleep. (*This is my personal opinion.)
It is important to continue drinking Yakult as a daily habit, but when the time comes, Yakult's " Tough Man " is a strong ally that can give you more power.
Yakult has released an official Yakult "Tough Man" themed game!
"Oh no! Tough Man -Tired kids are not here!is now available!

An action game where you give Tough Man to your exhausted co-workers!

" Yabaijae. Tough Man -Tired kids are not here! 〜is the first game in Yakult's official Toughman history.

At first glance, he seems like an ordinary businessman.
But when he drinks Toughman
he transforms into a "Namahage Salaryman.
Four types of Toughman
Toughman will change an office full of tired office workers
office filled with exhausted office workers.

"やばいぜ。タフマン 〜疲れた子はいねがー!!〜"特設サイト

The main character is a " Nama-Hage Salaryman " transformed by drinking Toughman, and the game is a forced side-scrolling action game in which the main character controls a zombie salaryman who is exhausted from hard work, and gives him Toughman to cheer him up ( by hitting him hard).

Ordinary businessman (left), Namahage businessman (right)
"やばいぜ。タフマン 〜疲れた子はいねがー!!〜"特設サイト

The businessmen who have been revitalized by giving Tough Man to the zombies return to their posts with a cheerful look on their faces.
If he is damaged, he will turn back from a "Namahage Salaryman" to a normal Salaryman, but he can transform back into a "Namahage Salaryman" by acquiring the Toughman series on the stage!
The way of delivery (attack) changes depending on the type of Tough Man you acquire, so be sure to acquire the right Tough Man for the right situation!

"やばいぜ。タフマン 〜疲れた子はいねがー!!〜"特設サイト

Don't miss the soul cry of the stage boss before the boss battle! You must see it with your own eyes!
*Some exaggerated footnotes are included in the game.

In between stages, there is a bonus stage where the " Yakult Lady," who also brings me "Yakult 1000," appears.
The lady keeps handing (or throwing) Yakult to me, so let's get as many as possible to keep my intestines healthy (and score!)!

bonus stage
"やばいぜ。タフマン 〜疲れた子はいねがー!!〜"ゲーム画面

Tap anywhere on the game start screen five times to activate hidden commands and use the Yakult Lady as a control character, so be sure to look for her!

Play now for free!

"Yakult Lady" is a game about a girl who is tired of being tired of being tired. Toughman -Tired kids are not here! 〜is now available on a special site.
It is a browser game that does not require an app download, and can be played from a smartphone.
The recommended environment is iOS 12 or higher and Android 8 or higher. Please note that the game cannot be played on a PC.
The game is set in a world where office workers are so exhausted that they turn into zombies, and the boss is a monster boss, but this is because the game is an exaggerated adaptation of a part of the game's presentation!
The setting is fictional, and there are no such prehistoric companies anymore!

・・・・・ maybe

Now, transform yourself into a "Namahage Salaryman" and hand out tough men to your exhausted co-workers!
For more details and gameplay, please visit " Tough Man: Tired Kids are Tough. Tough Man -Tired kids are not here!and for more information about Tough Man, please visit the official Yakult website!


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