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Next-generation Xbox Xbox Series X launches in November 2020

次世代Xbox「Xbox Series X」が2020年11月発売と発表

Microsoft announced on Xbox Wire that the next generation Xbox " Xbox Series X " will be released in November 2020.

More than 50 titles will be released by the end of the year.

Among the titles announced were "Assassin's Creed Valhalla," "Dirt 5," "Gears Tactics," "Yakuza7," "Watch Dogs: Legion" and more than 50 new games are scheduled for release by the end of the year.
The company also announced that Xbox Game Pass will offer more than 40 popular titles optimized for the Xbox Series X, including exclusive titles.
However, the company also announced that Halo Infinite, the latest in the highly anticipated Halo series, will be delayed to 2021.
The latest installment of the popular series is expected to lead the "Xbox Series X" and we are eagerly awaiting the announcement of new information.
For more information, please visit Xbox Wire.


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