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You can buy Xbox One X for 29,980 yen! Xbox One X is a price revision & discount sale!

Xbox One Xが29,980円で買える!Xbox One Xが価格改定&割引セール開催で超お買得!

Along with PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Xbox One is one of the three major game consoles, and the Xbox One X is its top-of-the-line console.
It has a cool design, high specs that can output 4K graphics, and of course, the ability to play past Xbox hardware games.
However, the top-of-the-line model is also expensive, so some people have had a hard time getting their hands on one.
The Xbox One X is now available at a new, more affordable price!

The price will be reduced by a whopping 10,000 yen!

Xbox One X
Xbox One X
"Xbox One X 本体の価格変更"facebookページ

The price of the "Xbox One X" will be revised on March 20, 2020 (Friday, national holiday ).
The current MSRP will be reduced from 49,980 yen (excluding tax) to 39,980 yen (excluding tax ), a 10,000 yen discount !
So those who have been unable to purchase because of the price have a hurdle removed. You just have to buy it!

A sale with a discount on the main unit is underway!

Xbox One X
Xbox One X
Xbox Japan公式Twitter

Apart from the aforementioned price revision, there will be a " Spring Xbox One Sale Campaign " where you can purchase Xbox One consoles at a discount!
In this sale, all "Xbox One X" consoles will be discounted by 10,000 yen, and all "Xbox One S" and "Xbox One S All Digital" consoles will be discounted by 6,000 yen!
"Xbox One X" can be purchased for 29,980 yen (excluding tax ) after the price revision & during the sale period! A bargain!
Please note that the "Xbox One Spring Sale Campaign" will be held from March 20, 2020 (Friday, national holiday) to March 26, 2020 (Thursday ), and it has not started yet!

Avoid unnecessary outings and play the game!

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, many people are trying to avoid going out.
If you're at home, the best thing to do is play games! And with the Xbox One X, you can play the latest titles as well as old favorites, and play games with players from all over the world!
Don't worry about not wanting to leave the house after the Coronas are over, but don't miss out on this opportunity!

For more information, visit the "Xbox One X Price Change" Facebook page and the "Xbox One Spring Sale" Facebook page!


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