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Wellplayed Lyzest and ZETA DIVISION launch "LIMITZ", an esports event co-produced by ZETA DIVISION

ウェルプレイド・ライゼストとZETA DIVISIONが共同プロデュースeスポーツイベント「LIMITZ」を発足

(hereinafter referred to as "Wellplayed Raizest "), a general e-sports trading company, announced today that it has signed an agency agreement with ZETA DIVISION, a leading brand that continues to create new culture beyond the framework of e-sports, operated by GANYMEDE Co. Ltd. and ZETA DIVISION, a leading brand that continues to create new culture beyond the boundaries of e-sports, and has concluded an agency agreement with ZETA DIVISION.

Co-production of a one-of-a-kind event


LIMITZ " is an e-sports event co-produced by Wellplayed Raizest, which has produced numerous large-scale e-sports events, and ZETA DIVISION, a professional gaming team with a top-class track record in Japan.
Wellplayed Raizest and ZETA DIVISION have had a close relationship for a long time, and although they exist in the same field of e-sports, they have been working in different positions and roles as "production" and "team".
The challenge to enter a new realm of co-producing a one-of-a-kind event by combining Wellplayed Rhythm's production know-how and knowledge of e-sports events with ZETA DIVISION's sophisticated creativity, storytelling, and high affinity with youth culture was a great fit for the two companies. The two parties hit it off, and the original e-sports event "LIMITZ" was born.
Under the slogan " No Border, Try Limitz," LIMITZ will transcend the conventional wisdom, concepts, and boundaries of e-sports events and provide entertainment that attracts many people.
In conjunction with the launch of "LIMITZ," Wellplayed Rhyzesto has signed an agent contract with a member of the ZETA DIVISION.
Through this agent contract, ZETA DIVISION will not only cast members for events, but also provide a wide range of solutions utilizing the members of ZETA DIVISION.
Along with the announcement, comments were received from Akihito Furusawa, representative of Well Plaid Raizest ,Daisuke Nishihara, representative of ZETA DIVISION , andLaz andStylishNoob, members of ZETA DIVISION.

Comments from Akihito Furusawa, representative of Well Placed Raisest

古澤明仁氏 コメント
Akihito Furusawa comments

Mr. Daisuke Nishihara, representative of ZETA DIVISION, comments

西原大輔氏 コメント
Daisuke Nishihara comments

Mr. Laz from ZETA DIVISION comments

Laz氏 コメント
Mr. Laz comments

StylishNoob from ZETA DIVISION comments

StylishNoob氏 コメント
Mr. StylishNoob comments

Conferences will be held in August and October.

In conjunction with the announcement of the launch, there was an announcement regarding the most recent "LIMITZ" tournament.
On August 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun), 2021, a tournament for NeteaseGames' asymmetrical multiplayer game " IdentityV: The Fifth Personality " will be held.
Selected professional players and streamers will be teaming up to compete in the tournament, which will be held on an invitation-only basis.
This is a unique "LIMITZ" event. The battle between the 8 selected teams will be broadcast live.

IdentityV 第五人格 大会
IdentityV Fifth Personality Tournament
IdentityV 第五人格 大会アンバサダー
IdentityV Fifth Personality Tournament Ambassador

In October 2021, a tournament for " VALORANT," a competitive tactical FPS from RIAT Games, is scheduled to be held.
Eight players from the ZETA DIVISION will be ambassadors for the tournament.

VALORANT Convention Ambassadors

Details of both the "IdentityV 5th Personality" and "VALORANT" tournaments will be announced on the official LIMITZ Twitter(@TryLIMITZ ), so be sure to follow the account and check for the latest information.

Campaign to win a signed uniform!

To celebrate the launch of "LIMITZ," a campaign to win a ZETA DIVISION uniform signed by ZETA DIVISION members Laz and DoLisu is being held.
One person will be selected by drawing to win a ZETA DIVISION uniform signed by Mr. Laz and one person will win a ZETA DIVISION uniform signed by Mr. DoLisu.


To participate, follow "LIMITZ" official Twitter (@TryLIMITZ), ZETA DIVISION official Twitter(@zetadivision), and Wellplayed Raisest official Twitter(@wprzt_jp ), and then (@wprzt_jp), and retweet the tweets of the present campaign to complete the application.
Note that the tweet to be retweeted will differ depending on which uniform you are applying for.
The deadline for application is August 20, 2021 (Fri.) 23:59.


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Wellplayed Lyzest and cosplayer Moe Iori sign agent deal
Wellplayed Lyzest and cosplayer Moe Iori sign agent deal...

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