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Wellplayed Lyzest and esportscaster OooDa sign agent deal


Wellplayed Raizest Corporation, a leader in the e-sports industry and planner and operator of many events both domestically and internationally, announced that it has signed an agent agreement with freecaster OooDa.

Mr. OooDa will continue to work as an individual.

OooDa (@OooDa) is a freelance e-sports c aster who performs a wide range of live game play and event MCing.
He has been a regular guest on funglr Games, and is an integral part of the Japanese e-sports industry, having been a regular at e-sports events.
The agent contract between Wellplayed Rhythms and Mr. OooDa does not mean that he belongs to Wellplayed Rhythms, but rather that he will be introduced to work by Wellplayed Rhythms.
He will continue to work as an individual.
The teaming up of Wellplayed Raizest, a leader in the e-sports industry, and OooDa, an e-sports caster at the forefront of the e-sports industry, is expected to lead to a further leap forward in the Japanese e-sports industry.
For more information, please visit the official website of Wellplayed Rhythmist Corporation on the press release page.

Comment from Mr. OooDa

ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agency contract with Well Plaid Reizest Corporation (hereinafter referred to as WPRZT).
The agent contract does not mean that I belong to an office, but rather that I will be introduced to work with them.
I will continue to work as an individual.
The reason why I signed the contract is all about "gratitude.
I strongly feel that my current activities as a newscaster are due to my relationship with WPRZT.
The image of WPRZT is "decent-looking, but not decent! That's a compliment! LOL!
I have the impression that we are passionate and dedicated to making the industry better.
We hope to continue the same activities and take on new challenges in the future, so we ask for your continued support.

ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ


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Wellplayed and Rizest will merge and work as 〝Wellplayed Rizest〟
Wellplayed and Rizest will merge and work as 〝Wellplayed Rizest〟...

Wellplayed Co, which has led the e-sports industry in Japan will merge with Rizest and work as "Wellplayed Rizest" starts from 1 FEB 2021.

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