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Well-Plaid Lyzesto and professional esports player Nemo sign exclusive management agreement


Wellplayed Raizest Corporation, a leader in the sports industry and organizer of many domestic and international events, announced that it has signed an exclusive management contract with professional e-sports player Nemo and a sponsorship contract with M-GAMING, a project by M-SC Co. Ltd. announced the signing of an exclusive management contract with professional e-sports player Nemo and a sponsorship contract with M-GAMING, a project run by M-SC Corporation.


Consulting for professional gamers on their second career path

ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ

Mr. Nemo (@GOOD_NEMO), a professional e-sports player, has a background as a " working professional gamer " who worked at Square Enix until March 2021, while also working as a professional e-sports player.
Recently, he participated in the "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020" as the leader of the team "Nemo Aurora" and won the championship, and is known as a highly skilled player and one of the leaders of the Japanese e-sports industry. </>

With the rapid growth of the e-sports market in recent years, the number of people aspiring to become e-sports players has been increasing.
Nemo hopes to be a stepping stone to solving this problem through his experience as a "working professional gamer" who has worked for a company and belonged to a professional team.
Wellplayed Rhyzest has already signed agent contracts with freecaster OooDa (@OooDa) and cosplayer Moe Iori (@moe_five ), but this is Nemo 's first management contract.
Wellplayed Reizest and Nemo have decided to sign an exclusive management contract because they believe it will accelerate the achievement of both parties' visions, and their future activities will be watched closely.
For more information, please visit the press release page on the official website of Wellplayed Reizest Corporation.

Mr. Nemo's Comment

ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ

I am pleased to announce that I have signed a management contract with Well Placed Reizest Corporation ("WPRZT").
I have signed this contract with WPRZT because I have observed WPRZT's events in the past, and I believe that I can work with them to create the vision that I want to pursue in the future.
I hope to contribute to the development of the e-sports industry by systematizing my experiences as a professional gamer and a company employee.
Thank you for your continued support.
ウェルプレイド・ライゼスト株式会社公式サイト プレスリリースページ


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