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Can you enjoy learning like a game?! "Wonder Box", the best home learning service during the school closure, is released!


WonderLab Inc., a developer and operator of application teaching materials for children, has launched a correspondence education service called "WonderBox" ("WonderBox" ).
Many children must be learning at home due to school closures caused by the new coronavirus. For those who have such children, WonderBox is a new distance learning service that allows them to expand their learning while having fun at the same time.

Wonder Box

What is the "Wonder Box" distance learning service?

Wonder Box" is a new correspondence education service that provides " free learning filled with excitement. The Wonder Box is a new style of distance learning service that combines a monthly delivery of puzzles, workbooks, and other kits with a dedicated app for learning .
The service is always composed of more than 10 contents, with a wide variety of themes to choose from, including programming, art, board games, puzzles, and more.
Children can learn content that is in line with their own interests, so the content naturally fosters sensitivity and thinking skills while allowing children to have fun and play freely.
The final product is designed to allow children to create freely on their own initiative.

Learning both digitally and in real life!

Kit linked to the app

The combination of monthly kits and weekly/monthly changing apps is designed to keep the experience fresh, exciting, and surprising.
Both the digital and real worlds have "things that can only be experienced in that world, " and by utilizing and combining the two, the experience becomes even more wonderful.
For example, by actually doing things with your own hands, rather than just watching a lecture on a screen, you will be able to ask questions such as "Why? This leads to questions and interest, which in turn lead to the next learning experience.
Wonder Box is a service that allows you to learn wherever you are while feeling that kind of excitement.

Substantial educational content to expand learning

The application deadline for the April issue is April 15.

The application deadline for the April issue of Wonder Box is April 15. The number of copies is limited, so those who are interested should apply as soon as possible.
To apply, please visit the official Wonder Box website.

Product Information
Service Starts April 2020
Format Distance learning (kits sent by mail, teaching materials combined with a dedicated application)
Price From 3,700 yen per month (tax included)
Ages 4-10 years old


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