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Uiile × Mecha Komi! "Mecha Comic Cup" will be held at Winning Eleven 2021! Twitter campaign also started!

ウイイレ × めちゃコミ!ウイニングイレブン2021で「めちゃコミック杯」開催!Twitterキャンペーンもスタート!

Konami's " Winning Eleven " series, a milestone in the soccer game genre, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and gaining ever-increasing popularity. (Winning Eleven).
The latest title is " eFootcall Winning Eleven 2021 SEASON UPDATE " on PS4, and " eFootball Winning Eleven 2021 " is available on iOS and Android. It is played by a lot of people.
It is a title that is supported by both game fans and soccer fans, and there are even people who don't usually play games but play Winning Eleven whenever a new title is released.
This is a title that is supported by both video game fans and soccer fans. Mecha Comic Cup" has started!

Mecha Comic Cup" where you can get points from Mecha Comic!

The "Mecha Comic Cup" will be an in-game event held in the PS4 " eFootcall Winning Eleven 2021 SEASON UPDATE " and the mobile version " eFootball Winning Eleven 2021 ". The events are different for each.
In the PS4 "eFootball Winning Eleven 2021 SEASON UPDATE", players will be able to participate in a tournament in the " eFootball League Mode " to earn event points. The top ranked players will be rewarded according to the number of event points they earn!
You should definitely aim for the top ranks, but don't miss out on the "eFootball Points" and "MechaComic Points" that you can earn just by participating in the event!

PS4 "Mecha Comic Cup" Overview
Period Part 1 : Monday, March 29, 2021 11:00 - Thursday, April 1, 2021 10:59
Part 2: April 1, 2021 (Thu) 17:00 - April 5, 2021 (Mon) 10:59
Participation Rewards 1. 500 eFootball points
2. 100 MechaComic points
2. 600,000 eFootball points will be given to the first 600,000 players who complete one game in the first and second parts of the mobile version and the PlayStation4 version combined.
Top Ranking Reward 3,000 eFootball points to the top ranking players in each section (total of 6 players: 1st, 2nd and 3rd)

The mobile version of the "MechaComic Cup" will feature a special Matchday in which J-League clubs will compete against each other in two separate competition s.
The winner of the representative match will receive a special reward!
There will be a beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level, so not only those who have been playing for a long time but also those who have just started or are thinking of starting this event can enjoy it.
Don't miss out on the rewards you can get just for participating!

Mobile "Mecha Comic Cup" Overview
Period Part 1 (Battle of Forces): Monday, March 29, 11:00 - Wednesday, March 31, 22:59
Part 1 (Representative Tournament): March 31 (Wed) 23:00 - April 1 (Thu) 10:59
Part 2 (Battle of the Forces): Friday, April 2, 11:00 - Sunday, April 4, 22:59
Part 2 (Representative Match): April 4 (Sun.) 23:00 - April 5 (Mon.) 10:59
Participation Rewards 1. FC Tokyo★5 Scout x11
2. 500 eFootball Points
3. 100 MechaComic points
To get *1 and *2, you need to participate in Matchday and get 100 event points for 1 and 1,000 event points for 2.
*3 will be given to the first 600,000 players who complete one match in the first and second parts of the mobile and PlayStation4 versions combined.
Rewards for winning 3,000 eFootball points to the winners of each class (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) (6 winners in total)

In conjunction with the "MechaComic Cup," a video featuring Keigo Higashi, Yojiro Takahagi, Kensuke Nagai, and Takuya Uchida ofFC Tokyo, a club sponsored by MechaComic, in a fierce competition in the mobile version of "eFootball Winning Eleven 2021" is now available! The video is now available!
Please take a look at the exciting video!

A special Twitter campaign is also being held at the same time!

To celebrate the "MechaComic Cup", we are holding a Twitter campaign to win a gorgeous present !
30 participants will be selected by lottery to receive 3,000 MechaComic tokens and a PS4 "eFootcall Winning Eleven 2021 SEASON UPDATE" package as a present!
To enter, simply follow both the official Twitter accounts of MechaComic (@mechacomic ) and Winning Eleven (@we_konami), and retweet the following campaign tweet!

The application period is only one week from Monday, March 29, 2021 (11:00) to Monday, April 5, 2021 (11:00), so retweet now!

For more details about the "MechaComic Cup" and the Twitter campaign, please check the official website of "eFootcall Winning Eleven 2021 SEASON UPDATE"!


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