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Guaranteed up to 100,000 yen for 2,000 yen per year! "Wide Care for Nintendo Switch" is now in service! The main body can be replaced up to 2 times!

年額2,000円で10万円分まで保証!「ワイドケア for Nintendo Switch」がサービス開始!本体交換も2回までOK!

Nintendo Switch" was released in March 2017.
As this year marks the 6th year since its release, many of you may have already passed the manufacturer's warranty period (1 year from new purchase) or the warranty period of the extended warranty service provided by the retailer.
Ltd. and Aon Japan, a risk management and insurance agency, will launch " Wide Care for Nintendo Switch ", a fixed price repair warranty service for the Nintendo Switch, on July 1, 2022 (Friday). The service will start on Friday, July 1, 2022!

Service Details!


Introducing the 4 points of "Wide Care for Nintendo Switch"!
No matter if you purchased a new console or a console that was purchased in March 2017!
You can " join anytime" from your smartphone!
(Please note that you cannot subscribe to a device that has already broken down.)
In addition, up to 6 repairs are guaranteed within the annual total amount of 100,000 yen (tax included)!
Repairs involving the replacement of the main unit are also covered up to two times, and shipping and receiving of the repaired product is also guaranteed!
We guarantee not only natural breakdowns, but also " water damage " and " breakage " caused by dropping, etc.!
If you have small children or play with your Nintendo Switch when you are out and about, you can rest assured that you are covered!
When repair is needed, please request " Application for Repair Service " from the " Wide Care for Nintendo Switch " service website.
You will receive a delivery box for the repaired product at your home, and you can simply pack the repaired product and ship it via Yamato Transport or a nearby convenience store!
You don't need to prepare cardboard boxes for shipping.

From 200 yen/month! Save 2 months with an annual plan!


There are two types of plans: a monthly plan for 200 yen per month (tax included) and an annual plan for 2,000 yen per year (tax included)!
The Annual Plan is 2 months less than a 12-month subscription to the Monthly Plan!
The price is reasonable, so if your warranty has expired, why not consider signing up for this service?
For more details, please check the official Wide Care for Nintendo Switch website!

Service Outline
Service start date July 1, 2022 (Friday)
Warranty details Repair of registered game consoles that malfunction or are damaged after subscription to this service
Warranty Coverage Natural breakdown, breakdown due to water damage, damage to screen or main unit, etc.
Warranty Coverage Devices manufactured in Japan
Nintendo Switch (including OLED model)
Nintendo Switch Lite
Joy-Con(L)/(R), Nintendo Switch Dock and Nintendo Switch AC Adapter included with the console
*Devices that are already malfunctioned cannot be subscribed.
*You can only subscribe to the Joy-Con, Dock, and AC adapter that are included in the main unit package.
How to subscribe Apply for subscription from your smartphone or tablet device with camera function.
Fee Plans Monthly plan 200 yen (tax included) / Annual plan 2,000 yen (tax included)
Payment Method Credit card or debit card
Warranty Limit Up to 6 repairs within an annual warranty of 100,000 yen (tax included)
(Up to 2 repairs involving the replacement of the main unit)
Co-payment for repair 0 yen (within the annual repair total of 100,000 yen (including tax))


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