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GALLERIA x Buispo! The lineup and benefits of the collaboration model are renewed! There are also cans batches limited to store purchases and Twitter campaigns!

GALLERIA x ぶいすぽっ!コラボモデルのラインナップと特典がリニューアル!店舗購入限定の缶バッチやTwitterキャンペーンも!

Third Wave Co., Ltd. which develops the " GALLERIA " series of gaming PCs that boast unparalleled performance and stability, has renewed the lineup and special offers for the next generation virtual e-sports project " Buisseppo! the next generation virtual e-sports project, has renewed its collaboration model lineup and special offers !
Three desktop PC models and three notebook PC models, for a total of six models, are now available at computer store " dospara " stores nationwide and on the dospara mail order site!

Collaboration model lineup

Desktop model


Notebook PC model


Full of special offers for purchasers! Buisse Pop! Collaboration Model

Collaboration Sticker


Buispot! As a special offer for purchasers of the collaboration model, two types of original wallpaper and an original design sticker exclusive to this collaboration model will be given away!
The sticker and one type of wallpaper are newly designed by the Buisseppo !members in GALLERIA uniforms!

Store purchasers only! Original badge gacha!

Original badge gacha

To celebrate the renewal of the collaboration model, we are offering a chance to win a " GALLERIA x Bu ispop! original badge campaign " will be held exclusively for purchasers of the collaboration model at DOSPARI stores!
You can win one GALLERIA x BUISPOP! (2 can badges are included)
If you win, you will receive a complete set including all 14 types of badges!
The event will last until September 30, 2022 (Friday), but will end as soon as all the badges are gone, so please consider participating as soon as possible.

Follow & RT Campaign!

Follow & RT Campaign

The life-size panels installed in DOSPARRA stores have been renewed with new visuals!
To commemorate this, a commemorative Twitter campaign is underway! One lucky entrant will win a " GALLERIA ZA9C-R37 Buisseppo! collaboration model " as a present!
In addition, you can double your chances of winning by quoting and retweeting with " #BuispoGalleriaCollaboration "! We hope you will join us!
For more details about the GALLERIA x Buispo! For more details about the collaboration, please visit the DOSPARI online store!

How to enter


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