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All 3 pairs of virtual model "unda 4.0" utilizing NFT are sold out!

NFTを活用したバーチャルモデル「unda 4.0」が販売開始30分で全3足完売!

NEWBASIC Co., Ltd, which develops the goyemon brand, a line of products that fit in with modern life and bring tradition close to home, based on the concept of "Japanese tradition x latest technology," has announced its entry into the collectible virtual sneaker market and will begin selling the "unda 4.0" from January 31, 2012 (noon Japan time). The " unda 4.0 " went on sale at noon on January 31 (Mon.) (Japan time).
All three pairs sold out within 30 minutes.

unda 4.0

左から、unda 4.0 Black / White / Sumi
From left to right: unda 4.0 Black / White / Sumi
Marketplace OpenSea
Number issued 1 "unda 4.0 Black
1 "unda 4.0 White
One "unda 4.0 Sumi
Sales start time Monday, January 31, 2022, 12:00 (JST)
Price 3 ETH
Sales page URL https://opensea.io/collection/goyemon
"unda 4.0" special page https://www.goyemon.tokyo/undanft

The sales are currently closed, but the company plans to develop models in collaboration with artists as well as to release them for use on the Metaverse in the future.

About "goyemon

goyemonPR TIMES

"goyemon" is a product design unit formed in 2018 with designers Ai Onishi and Kenta Takeuchi.
Focusing on traditional Japanese culture, "We want to make Japanese traditions and attractive products known to the younger generation and people around the world. " We started our activities with this in mind.
By creating products that fuse Japanese traditions with the latest technology, we are developing products that fit into modern life and bring traditions closer to people.
As a first step, the company released the "geta x sneaker 'unda-unda'" on Makuake, one of Japan's largest crowdfunding services provided by the CyberAgent Group.
It raised over 20 million yen in one week and won the GOLD award at the Makuake Award 2019.
The following year, in February 2020, the second product "Kiriko x Double Wall Glass "Fuwan-Ukiwan-"" raised over 10 million yen.


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