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Two great giant heads of 3D case game co-star of miracle! "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports" × "Tekken 7" collaboration announcement!

3D格ゲーの二大巨頭が奇跡の共演!「VIRTUA FIGHTER esports」×「鉄拳7」コラボ発表!

In June 2021, " Virtua Fighter esports ", the latest title in the "Virtua Fighter" 3D fighting game series, will be revived like a phoenix after breaking its long silence.
At the time of the announcement, the game was available as a free-to-play title for PS Plus subscribers (*currently closed), and it continues to be available as a PS Now-compatible title. There were also many people who were playing Virtua for the first time with this title.
The title of the game is " esports," so the game is also actively being developed as an e-sport. FINAL " will be held.
The winner of the "FREE Division", Chameleon, and the runner-up, Chibitaro, were granted the right to issue the first "Japan eSports Pro License" for VIRTUA FIGHTER esports! Congratulations!
The "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports CHALLENGE CUP SEASON_0 [2nd] FINAL" ended on a high note, but there was an extraordinary announcement at the end.
A collaboration with our biggest rival title, "Tekken 7," was announced!

"VIRTUA FIGHTER esports" x "Tekken 7" collaboration!

At the "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports CHALLENGE CUP SEASON_0 [2nd] FINAL", it was announced that Sega's "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports" and Namco Bandai's "T ekken 7" will be collaborating to create a 3D gaming experience. The collaboration will be between two of the biggest names in 3D gaming, Sega's "Virtua Fighter esports" and Bandai Namco's "Tekken 7".
The two titles were released at the same time, and both were very popular and split in popularity in game arcades at the time, so we never thought a collaboration could happen...!
The "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports CHALLENGE CUP SEASON_0 [2nd] FINAL" has only released a teaser video of the collaboration, but it shows Akira Yuki as Tekken's "Kazuya Mishima" and Lau Chen as "Heihachi Mishima&quot The video shows Akira Yuki as "Kazuhachi Mishima" and Lau Chen as "Heihachi Mishima" in Tekken.
More detailed information was to be provided at the " 3rd Japan Gaming Manufacturers Association " broadcast the day after the tournament, but the archive of the event is now available!

There was a legend that 21 years ago, on March 29, 2001, Virtua Fighter and Tekken ran a full-page newspaper ad spread.
This was a shock to Virtua Fighter esports producer Moriji Aoki, and it stuck in his mind for a long time.
The collaboration is as happy and uplifting as if two longtime rivals were teaming up, but the details of the collaboration and the timing of the event have not been announced at this time.
Let's wait for further news in hopes that it will be implemented in the not-too-distant future!
We are sure that this title will continue to grow as more and more professional selection tournaments are held and more professional "Virtua FIGHTER esports" players are born.
It's ten years too early! If you haven't played it yet, this is a great opportunity for you!
For more information on "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports", please visit the official website!


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594643D格ゲーの二大巨頭が奇跡の共演!「VIRTUA FIGHTER esports」×「鉄拳7」コラボ発表!
Also in the form of the first virtua of nostalgia! More information on the additional DLC "Legendary Pack" of Virtua Fighter esports!

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