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VALORANT's sale venue night market is back! August 11: Until 9:00 AM!

VALORANTのセール会場ナイトマーケットが復活! 8月11日 AM 9:00まで!

Riot Games' first tactical FPS game, VALORANT, is having a Night Market from July 29 through August 11 at 9:00 AM!
For those of you who have just started playing VALORANT and don't know about the Night Market, here's what you need to know.
The Night Market is a discount sale event for weapon skins that is held irregularly. If you find a skin you didn't get or one you like, this is your chance to buy it!

We have an assortment for you!

VALORANT Night Market

This event will randomly select 6 different weapon skins for each player, which will be displayed by clicking on the card.
Once a skin is selected, it will remain the same for the duration of the event. The skins will be chosen from among all Select, Deluxe, and Premium Edition skins. At least two skins of Premium Edition or higher will be selected, and only two skins of the same weapon type will be selected.
And there's an even lower chance that you'll come across an Exclusive Edition melee weapon skin!

How much will be discounted?

VALORANT Night Market

The above image shows the items that were selected for the author this time (products drawn by lottery ).
Most of the discounts are in the 30% range, but some of the higher percentage rates are close to 50%. As for me, I think "Avalanche Vandal" is one of the coolest items in the picture, so I am not sure if I will buy it or not.

If in doubt, join us anyway!

If you're thinking it's time to change to a new skin or want to fight with a cool weapon, the author recommends that you don't let this opportunity pass you by when a skin you like appears!
You never know when you might come across a good skin next.
For more information, visit the event page in-game or on VALORANT's Twitter account.


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