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"VALORANT" Episode 4 Act III opens on April 28! New agent "Fade" that becomes Sova's rival is here!

「VALORANT」エピソード4 ActIIIが4月28日より開幕!ソーヴァのライバルとなる新エージェント「フェイド」が登場!

The excitement of "VALORANT" is still fresh after ZETA DIVISION, representing Japan, recently won the title of 3rd in the world at the official world tournament "VCT Masters", and Episode 4 Act III will begin on April 28, 2022 (Thursday ). The new episode will be the first in a series of four episodes.
In Episode 4 Act III, new agents with high search capabilities, as well as a new set of skins that glow like a gaming PC, will reappear!

New agent "Fade" is here!

The new initiator agent " Fade " is here! Lurking in the darkness, Fade uses fear and strategy to hunt down his prey.
A rival to Rickon's most powerful agent, "Sauva," she uses Rickon on a personal level to great effect on a local level.
For more information on her performance and settings, please see the Fade agent page.

(E) Hount.


Invoke a living nightmare. The "launch" releases an orb that falls to the ground after a certain amount of time. When it hits the ground, the orb transforms into a materialized nightmare that identifies the location of any enemy that comes into view. The enemy can then destroy the nightmare. The orb can be "reused" to make it fall faster.


(Q) Seeds


The orb of darkness of the nightmare is held. By "firing" the orb, the orb will fall to the ground after a certain period of time. When it hits the ground, the darkness explodes, creating a zone. Enemies trapped in the zone will not be able to escape by normal means. Re-use" the ability to make the released orb fall faster.


(C) Plowler


The "Plowler" is called. The "Launch" command sends a straight forward prouler. The "Plowler" locks on to all enemies and trails in the forward line of sight, and gives a vision degradation effect to those who catch up to the "Plowler". A "long press to fire" will redirect the plow toward the crosshairs.


(X) Nightfall


The power of fear. With "Fire" a wave of nightmare energy is released. This wave penetrates walls. The nightmare energy leaves a trail to the enemy's location and has a "debilitating" effect, robbing the enemy of his hearing.


Battle Pass updated! Gaming skins are back!

Collect XP to unlock exclusive items in Episode 4 Act III!
The Premium Battle Pass features the magenta-toned " Hewshift " skin, the ".SYS " skin reminiscent of the old Act I skins, and the stylish snake-printed " Collision: Cobra " skin!
Of course, new gun buddy "Ragnarockout" and the spray "Watch Your Back" are also available!

The "RGX 11z Pro" gaming skin is also back!

The "RGX 11z Pro " skin, designed to destroy enemies with RGB colors and glowing like a gaming PC, is back by popular demand! New skins for the Phantom, Operator, and Butterfly Knife proximity skins are now available!

Episode 4 Act III begins!

In addition to the new character "Fade", there are many cool skins like "RGX" and ".SYS"! It's exciting to think about strategies using Fade and which skin to use!
Patch note 4.08 has also been released, so don't miss it if you're interested!
Let's keep having fun playing VALORANT!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

34660「VALORANT」エピソード4 ActIIIが4月28日より開幕!ソーヴァのライバルとなる新エージェント「フェイド」が登場!
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ZETA DIVISION advances to the best 4 for the first time in Japan at the international tournament "VALORANT" "2022 VALORANT Champions Tour"! Public Viewing Emergency Decision!
ZETA DIVISION advances to the best 4 for the first time in Japan at the international tour...

"ZETA DIVISION" fighting as a Japanese representative at the international meeting of "VALORANT" "VCT2022: Stage 1 Masters" achiev

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