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Will the release date come!? The latest trailer of the latest work in the Valkyrie series "Valkyrie Elysium" will premiere at 9 o'clock on July 6th!


In 2022, there always seems to be more exciting information about games than in previous years, with major titles being released and new information being released.
Various titles are being released on a variety of platforms, but it is the titles that will be released on the most recent model, PlayStation 5, that are the focus of our attention.
The latest installment of "State of Play," which provides the latest information on PlayStation, was "State of Play | 3.10.22" broadcast in March, and as expected after nearly four months, many of the announced titles have been released or have been followed up on since then.
However, one of them that has not been released any new information so far, despite being a major topic of discussion, is "Valkyrie Elysium.
The latest trailer for "Valkyrie Elysium," which has been eagerly awaited since it is the latest installment in the classic RPG "Valkyrie Profile" series, has finally been released!

State of Play March 2022 Announcements Recap

The latest trailer premieres on July 6 at 9:00!

Trailer #2, the latest trailer for Valkyrie Elysian, will premiere on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.!
Since there has been no new information since the announcement, there is a possibility that a lot of information will be revealed in the latest video, so we would definitely like to check it out in real time.
The release date is set for 2022, so maybe there will be a release date announcement...possibly at the end of September...!
We will be broadcasting on the official Square Enix YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and set your reminders to be ready for the broadcast!
For more information on "Valkyrie Elysium," check out the official website!


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