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Official launch of "V-RAGE", Japan's first virtual stadium where you can watch esports!


RAGE, one of Japan's largest e-sports events operated by CyberZ, Avex Entertainment, Inc. and TV Asahi, announced the official launch of " V-RAGE," Japan's first virtual space for watching e-sports matches and experiencing events, on August 29 (Sat) and 30 (Sun), 2020. The event will be held on August 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), 2020, in conjunction with " RAGE ASIA 2020.

About V-RAGE

V-RAGE Image

V-RAGE is a dedicated e-sports VR facility operated by RAGE, based on the concept of watching e-sports tournaments.
Using the virtual event platform provided by Cluster, e-sports events that have been held offline can now be held in a virtual space.
By accessing " V-RAGE " from a smartphone or PC, users can easily participate in and watch events.
Furthermore, by using a VR device, you can enjoy a realistic and immersive experience as if you were actually at the event.

Some of the updates from the V-RAGE beta version

V-RAGE launched its beta version on March 15, 2020 (Sunday) and held its first event "RAGE" in a virtual space.
Despite the difficulty of holding domestic and international events due to the new coronavirus, the event attracted 10,000 viewers.

Avatar dress-up and merchandise sales

Avatar change

As previously mentioned on funglr Games, it is now possible to dress up your avatar in the " V-RAGE " with an official "RAGE ASIA 2020" T-shirt designed by BEAMS.
You can choose from a total of five different types for free, so take advantage of this opportunity to get one.
In addition, you can also purchase the real T-shirts from the following website. You can also purchase real T-shirts with the same design as the avatar wears in real life.
If you are interested, check out the RAGE ASIA 2020 sales site.

「RAGE ASIA 2020」がBEAMSとコラボ!オフィシャルTシャツ発売決定!

V-RAGE" exterior and interior design

Exterior Interior Design

The design of the " V-RAGE " has been redesigned to match the " RAGE ASIA 2020 " worldview.
The V-RAGE, which is more powerful than the beta version, can now be designed to match the game title and the image of the event, raising expectations for future events.

RAGE ASIA 2020 x V-RAGE Event Outline

RAGE ASIA 2020 " will be held at V-RAGE, and in addition to the "Asia's best battles" between top players, the popular VTuber "Garibengar V" from TV Asahi's "Choujin Joshi Senshi Garibengar V" will also take part in the event. In addition, popular VTuber " Dennou Shoujo Shiro," who is also well-known for TV Asahi's "Choujin Joshi Senshi Garibenga V," will be the MC.
In addition, there will be other exclusive events featuring Yamato Iori and other gorgeous guests.

About the Guests


On Saturday, August 29, 2020, "Yamato Iori" and "Haru Shinonome" will appear, and on Sunday, August 30, "Haru Shibuya" and "Shirayuki Raid" will appear. Other gorgeous guests are scheduled to appear as well.
For more details, check out the
official Twitter feed.

About coming to the virtual space "V-RAGE

The "V-RAGE" virtual space can be accessed by using the "cluster" platform application.
The application can be used on smartphones, PCs, and dedicated VR devices with "cluster" installed, so be sure to install the application if you wish to participate.
Supported devices include iOS,Android,PC, andVR devices ( Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro).
The VR devices will require SteamVR to be installed separately.

"RAGE ASIA 2020" Overview
Tournament Name RAGE ASIA 2020
Game titles "Apex Legends" "KNIVES OUT-Knives Out-"
Organizers CyberZ Corporation, Avex Entertainment, Inc.
Dates Saturday, August 29, 2020: Doors open 17:00, Concert begins 18:00, Concert ends 22:00 (tentative)
August 30 (Sun), 2020: Doors open 15:00, Concert begins 16:00, Concert ends 23:00 (tentative)
Viewing URL Saturday, August 29, 2020: https: //cluster.mu/e/22184b0e-b23b-462d-aaaf-cee52034f3b4
Sunday, August 30, 2020: https: //cluster.mu/e/22184b0e-b23b-462d-aaaf-cee52034f3b4
Method Non-attendance online format
Streaming Method OPENREC.tv, YouTube

With the cancellation of various domestic and international events due to the new coronavirus, the virtual stadium is expected to become a new entertainment event space.
Keep an eye on " RAGE " as it will be hosting various events in the future!
More details can be found on the official RAGE website.


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