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Ultra Kaiju Training Simulation "Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher" will be released! Exclusive information is also released!


The legendary " Monster Rancher " simulation game series celebrates its 25th anniversary on July 24, 2022 (Sunday).
LINE: Monster Rancher ", the latest title for smartphones, has been announced and a closed beta test has been conducted, making this the 25th anniversary year of the series.
While fans of the series are looking forward to the launch of "LINE: Monster Rancher," the "Nintendo Direct mini Software Maker Lineup 2022.6.28"" was broadcasted in June 2022, and the "LINE: Monster Rancher" was announced in a press release. quot;" the " Ultra Monster Monster Rancher " was announced, and fans were astonished.
The ability to breed Ultra Monsters is a favorite of all boys, and with the addition of a new game feature that allows users to create monsters from traffic IC cards, many were eagerly awaiting additional information about the game.
Many people have been eagerly awaiting additional information about the game, which is scheduled to be released in 2022, so they were taking it easy and thinking it would be around the end of the year... but then a surprise release date for "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" was announced!

追加情報から初公開の情報まで大量!「Nintendo Direct mini ソフトメーカーラインナップ 2022.6.28」発表内容まとめ!

It will be released on October 20! Purchase privilege is also revealed!

Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" will be released on Thursday, October 20, 2022!
The platform is Nintendo Switch and the price will be 6,710 yen (including tax).
The Nintendo Switch is a portable platform, so you can play "Monster Rancher" with your friends who played "Monster Rancher" with you back then.
Along with the announcement of the release date, retailers have begun taking pre-orders for the packaged version, and various special offers have also been announced!

Early purchase bonus for packaged version and pre-order bonus for downloadable version
ウルトラ怪獣Monster Rancher|特報映像

First of all, as an early purchase bonus for the packaged version and pre-order bonus for the downloadable version, you will receive the "Seven-Gar Light Giant Paint"!
Seven-Gar is in the "Robot Monster" category, so it's great to see it appear as a training monster! The matching paint job with the Giant of Light shows that Sevnger is very motivated.
And not only Seven Gars, but also a " Training Item Set " will be given away!

  • Giant Cake
  • Gun Q Candy
  • Mandarin Juice
  • White Silver Peach
  • Kalaragi mango
  • Hokkai pit viper

... six different items that will help you grow your character...the perfect way to get started!
In addition, the special offers by store of purchase have also been revealed!

Privileges by store of purchase
"ウルトラ怪獣Monster Rancher"公式サイト

Amazon.co.jp offers a download code for " Eleking Dada Ele king", GEO offers a download code for " Red King Vartan Red King ", and Asobi Store offers a download code for " Dada Red King Dada". quot; and an original B2 poster.
These Ultra monsters can be obtained in the course of the game, but there is no better way to get them early in the game, so package players should consider this.

And the packaged version will be available not only in a standard edition, but also in a special edition that comes with a set of luxurious extras!
In addition to the "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" package, the special edition will also include an acrylic diorama depicting the world of the game , asquare magnet featuring a key visual , and anoriginal sticker.
The design of each special gift will be announced in the future, but the acrylic diorama is going to be a very powerful one. We are looking forward to the announcement!

The "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher Special Edition" will be priced at 12,210 yen (tax included)!
Reservations will be accepted at Asobi Store,Premium Bandai, andGAMECITY from Monday, July 25, 2022!
The product will only be available at the three stores and in limited quantities. If you are interested in getting one, be sure to do so as soon as possible!
For more details, please visit the official "Ultra Monster Monster Rancher" website!


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