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Close contact with high school students challenging e-sports Koshien! "Youth on eSports 2022 ~Hot Summer Battle of High School Students with Brain Power~" will be broadcast on TV Osaka from 17:30 on Thursday, August 11th!

eスポーツ甲子園に挑む高校生に密着!「eスポーツにかける青春2022 ~脳力高校生の熱き夏の戦い~」が8月11日(木・祝)17:30からテレビ大阪にて放送!

On August 11, 2022 (Thursday, national holiday) from 5:30 p. m., TV Osaka will broadcast a program closely following high school students who devote their youth to e-sports, titled " eSports ni kakeru seishun 2022 ~High School Students with Brain Power Fight in the Hot Summer~ ".

Close-up on the e-sports Koshien!

eスポーツにかける青春2022 ~脳力高校生の熱き夏の戦い~
eSports Dedicated Youth 2022 ~Heated Summer Battles of High School Students with Brain Power

This year marks the fourth year of the " eSports 2022 ~High School Students' Hot Summer Battles with Brain Power~" program, which will feature the " Coca-Cola STAGE The program closely follows high school students from the Kansai region who are aiming to participate in the "Coca-Cola STAGE :0 ", a national e-sports tournament now in its fourth year and also known as the "e-sports Koshien".
The program follows the " bonds" and daily lives of these high school students who play " League of Legends," a game that requires strategic thinking and teamwork, with a player population of over 100 million, as well as their passion and commitment to e-sports.
The following three teams were interviewed.

Nara Prefectural Nikaido High School eSports Club

奈良県立二階堂高校eスポーツ部PR TIMES

Nikaido High School has an e-sports club, which is rare for a public high school.
The passionate story of how the club was established and the hardships faced by a public high school are also covered.


Osaka Electro-Communication University High School e-Sports Club

大阪電気通信大学高校eスポーツ部PR TIMES

This club started 4 years ago with only 6 members and has become a popular club with over 30 members.
However, every year they come up just short of the national tournament, and end up in tears.
This year, the club is training hard in order to break the stronghold of the strong schools.


Renaissance Osaka High School

ルネサンス大阪高校PR TIMES

This high school has an e-sports course and is a major contender in this year's tournament.
Almost all of the students are enrolled at this professional gamer training school, aiming to become professional gamers.
Coached by Kato, an alumnus of the school, who won the Kansai Block for two consecutive years.
We closely follow a high school girl who studies games at this high school, even earning her tuition money through part-time jobs, and a high school boy duo who have been childhood friends since elementary school and dream of becoming professional gamers together.
A battle breaks out in the same school⁉


How will it be settled!

Which team will win the summer battle of high school students who put their youth on the line?
eSports 2022 ~High School Students' Hot Summer Battle for Brain Power~" will be aired on August 11, 2022 (Thursday, national holiday ) from 17:30 on TV Osaka!
Don't miss it!
For more information on the program, please visit the official TVO website.


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34695eスポーツ甲子園に挑む高校生に密着!「eスポーツにかける青春2022 ~脳力高校生の熱き夏の戦い~」が8月11日(木・祝)17:30からテレビ大阪にて放送!
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