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Tsubasa Honda is the executive producer! Nyoro-yoro match play "Nyoroko" official announcement!


We are in the age of the all-gender gamer, where people of all ages and genders, and indeed people of all ages and genders from all over the world are playing games.
That celebrity you see on TV or on the Internet, or this celebrity, also professes his or her love of games.
Among them, Tsubasa Honda is one of the most famous game lovers.
Not only does she profess her love of games, but she has also been streaming live video games on her YouTube channel, and recently appeared as a secret guest at a "Monster Hunter Rise" digital live event.
The new smartphone game "Nyorokko," for which Tsubasa Honda is the executive producer, has been officially announced!

モンハン先生こと本田翼がジャージ&メガネ姿で「狩猟解禁直前!モンスターハンターライズ デジタルライブイベント」に登場!

Asymmetrical survival between angels and humans!

Nyorokko" is an asymmetrical survival action game that was planned and produced by Tsubasa Honda herself, including character design, game design, and service policy.
The game was developed with the support of ForwardWorks, Inc. andMicrosoft Japan, Inc. to realize Tsubasa Honda's dream of creating a game, and ForwardWorks is proud to be the publisher of the game!

Nyorokko" is an 8-player game that is divided into " Visitors (Angels )" and " Keepers (Humans) " teams.
Two players control the "Angels" and six players control the "Humans," and the objective is to complete each team's respective victory conditions in 10 minutes.


The angel team uses guns and other powerful weapons to target humans from the sky.
The angels' objective is to collect the souls of all the humans with their vacuum cleaners.


The opposing human team's objective is to escape from the angels and strike all seven bells on the field.
However, the humans are at a disadvantage in going head-to-head with the angels attacking from the sky, aren't they?
These humans will use their wits and items to overcome adversity!
They can hide in the grass, ride a go-cart for a fast ride, use fireworks to dazzle them, use coins to get useful items, and so on!

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In a battle that lasts 10 minutes per play, who will win, the angels or the humans! The outcome depends on your play!

No way, it's only available for 6 months!

Most online competitive and cooperative games are played by many users over a long period of time, and most of them have been loved for a long time since they were first launched.
However, "Nyorokko" will be available for a limited period of 6 months, which is unprecedented for an online game!
Unlike conventional online games, which can be enjoyed forever but never end, "Nyorokko" is based on the idea that "entertainment , including games, is engrossing and exciting because it has a "goal," and we are working toward the finale to make it as exciting and enjoyable as possible. The title will be a title that will allow people to get excited and enjoy the game to the fullest.

6 Months of Noisy Festival with Tsubasa Honda, the longest festival in 2021Death!

"Events will be held throughout the six months under the title of " Tsubasa Honda and the 6-month noisy festival, the longest festival held in 2021Death!
With numerous events planned for each month of service, including major updates, new character implementations, campaigns, official live broadcasts, and more, by the time the finale rolls around, it's sure to be an unforgettable six months!
Let's enjoy "Nyorokko Festival" with Tsubasa Honda, friends, family, and everyone around the world!

Android version is now available for connection testing!

The official release date for "Nyorokko" has yet to be announced, but now that we know about it, it is every gamer's destiny to want to try it out, even if just a little.
For those who want to try it, a connection test will be conducted to play "Nyorokko" for a little while !
The purpose of the test is to check the server load and improve the quality of the game, and it will be conducted only on the Android version.
The test will be conducted from April 23, 2021 (Friday) 12:00 to April 24, 2021 (Saturday) 23:59 ( *Schedule is subject to change), and the connection test version of the application can be downloaded from Google Play on April 20, 2021 (Tuesday).
The number of applicants is 10,000, and the application will be closed when the number of downloads reaches the limit.
The recommended operating environment is Android 7.0 or later and a device with at least 2GB of memory, so check your device specs and download now!

Service is scheduled to begin in early summer 2021!

Nyorokko" will be available on iOS and Android with free basic play ( with in-app purchases) in early summer of 2021.
The popular asymmetrical survival action game, with Tsubasa Honda at the helm, is sure to be a lot of fun, and the limited-time distribution (6 months) is a new experiment!
There is still a little time left until the distribution, but we are sure that further news will be announced on the official "Nyorokko" website and official Twitter account [official] Nyorokko: Tenshi-chan (@nyorokko_game ), so be sure to bookmark the official website and Twitter account and follow us on Twitter! Follow us and wait for more news!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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