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esports Competition Broadcast in Toyama Station

esports Competition Broadcast in Toyama Station

On March 17, 2018, RAGE 2019 SpringRAGE 2019 Spring is held in Makuhari Messe, the Japan's largest convention facility in Chiba prefecture. A local e-Sports Association in Toyama prefecture, Toyama esports Association, help to broadcast in Toyama Station.

Toyama esports Association is a general incorporated association established as a member of the Japan e-Sports Association (JeSPA) on September 1, 2016.
Not only to host esports promotion activities, Toyama esports Association also promotes awareness and gaming communities in Toyama Prefecture.

The public awareness of esports was rapidly increasing in 2018, starting with Toyama esports Association's quick action to help to form a local esports community.

First Live Viewing for Toyama esports

Recently, by using Live Viewing, the audience can watch the game in real time in different places and enjoy the show just like being in the actual venue.
It is common for Live Viewing to be held in paid areas. But this time, RAGE 2019 Spring was broadcasted in Toyama Station, a public area.

It shows the great intention of Toyama esports Association to want more people to know about e-sports and to view the competition broadcast.

37esports Competition Broadcast in Toyama Station
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