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Toppan Printing holds "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL", an esports event for 50,000 employees worldwide!

凸版印刷が全世界5万人の従業員を対象にしたeスポーツイベント「TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL」を開催!

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. has established the " AFTER 6 LEAGUE," a league for amateur e-sports players in the business world.
Since 2010, Toppan Printing has held the "TOPPAN SPORTS FESTIVAL," an in-house field day event for Toppan Group employees and their families, every other year for the purpose of stimulating communication, fostering a sense of unity, and promoting understanding of the company among family members. The event has been held every other year since 2010.
This time, while it became difficult to hold the event due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it was announced that the " TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL " e-sports tournament will be held on January 24, 2021 (Sunday) as a new event to replace the "TOPPAN SPORTS FESTIVAL". (The event will be held on January 24, 2021 (Sunday).

The event is open to approximately 50,000 TOPPAN Group employees around the world.


TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL" will be an event for approximately 50,000 employees of the TOPPAN Group around the world.
The previous "TOPPAN SPORTS FESTIVAL" was an event for only some employees in Japan due to the limitations of the venue, but with the online event and the characteristics of e-sports, it is now possible to target group employees around the world.
The event will be streamed live via a video streaming service, and there will be a total of nine public viewing locations around the country for employees to participate and watch the event from their homes.
Employees and their families can also participate and watch from home.

Among the competitions to be held is a quiz competition in which all employees can participate.
Employees and their family members who cannot play games at home will be able to participate as long as they have a PC or smartphone.

Using eSports for New In-House Communication

e-sports company exchange events held in the past

Toppan Printing has held the "TOPPAN SPORTS FESTIVAL" in the past, aiming to activate communication among employees, foster a sense of unity, and promote family understanding of the company through the event.
At the TOPPAN SPORTS FESTIVAL held in 2017, approximately 4,000 TOPPAN Group employees participated.
The company has also been actively involved in events and club activities related to e-sports, both inside and outside the company, and has been promoting efforts through e-sports to promote " Diversity & Inclusion " promoted by Toppan Printing.

The "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL" will replace the "TOPPAN SPORTS FESTIVAL" as a new communication measure with an eye toward the after Corona.
The event will be open to approximately 50,000 TOPPAN Group employees worldwide, as it will enable online communication and the sharing of experiences that transcend distance.
Since the scale of the event will far exceed that of the previous "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL," the management know-how of the "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL" will be utilized to support the event management and communication measures of various companies that will be held in the future. The company will support the event management and communication measures of various companies that will be held in the future by utilizing the operational know-how of "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL.
Details of "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL" can be found in Toppan Printing's news release.

Name: "TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL TOPPAN eSPORTS FESTIVAL" co-sponsored by labor and management
Date and Time January 24, 2021 (Sun.) 12:00 - 16:30
Venue Public viewing venues at each location (9 locations in total) and at employees' homes, etc.
Organizers Toppan Printing Co.
Supported by Toppan Group Health Insurance Association
Subjects Employees of Toppan Printing Co.
Number of people covered Approximately 50,000 employees and their families worldwide
Details (planned) A sports game tournament with the winners of the qualifying rounds at each location
Toppan Quiz King competition for all participants
・Fighting game tournament with the top players from each business site participating


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