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"The New Prince of Tennis" × "Puyo Puyo!!Quest" collaboration will be held from August 9 (Tue)!


Puyopuyo Quest" recently announced a collaboration event with " The New Prince of Tennis".
Details of the event were revealed during the "Puyo Que Official Live Broadcast - The New Prince of Tennis Collaboration Special"!
In this collaboration event, the main character Ryoma Echizen and other popular characters will appear in the game, as well as "Puyo Que" characters in collaboration costumes.
There will also be an original storyline that can only be seen in this event, as well as a number of limited events!


Collaboration characters will appear one after another!

[★6]越前リョーマ ver.アメリカ代表 PR TIMES

During the collaboration period, log in to "Puyo Que" to receive a special present: "[★6] Ryoma Echizen ver.
In addition, a collaboration gacha featuring characters from the "The New Prince of Tennis" collaboration will also be held.

In addition, "Puyo Que" characters will also appear in the "New Tennis no Oujisama Collaboration Series" and can be transformed to ★7.

[★6]Rokia ver. Hyotei, ★6]Prince Sakana ver. Aogaku, ★6]Tartar ver. Higa

[★6]ロキアー ver.氷帝・[★6]さかな王子 ver.青学・[★6]タルタル ver.比嘉 PR TIMES

[7] Rokia ver. Ice Emperor [★7], Prince Sakana ver. Aogaku, [★7] Tartar ver. Higa

[★7]ロキアー ver.氷帝[★7]・さかな王子 ver.青学・[★7]タルタル ver.比嘉 PR TIMES

New Tennis no Oujisama Collaboration" exclusive world appears in the Story!

"新テニスの王子様コラボ"専用ワールド PR TIMES

During the collaboration period, a special world "The World of Tennipuri Collaboration " will appear in "Story" for a limited time.
Enjoy the limited story featuring "The New Prince of Tennis" characters!

Before he knows it, Ryoma has been transported to Puyopuyo Island, an island where Puyopuyo players live.
For some reason, he is confronted by Tezuka, Atobe, Yukimura, and other familiar faces.
It seems that they are all trying to return to their original worlds by defeating their opponents at tennis to save their power.
Can Ryoma beat them all and return home safely?

Collaboration events galore!

The collection event "TENIPLI Festival" is now underway!

"テニプリ祭り" PR TIMES

During the collaboration period, a collection event will be held to collect the item "Tennis Power".
By collecting "Tennis Power", you can get "[★6] Kintaro Toyama " which can be transformed to ★7!

Powerful Boss Challenge Event "TENIPLI CHALLENGE"!

"テニプリチャレンジ" PR TIMES

From the latter half of the collaboration period, an event will be held where players can cooperate with other players to defeat "Challenge Bosses".
You can get "[★5]BAHAR ver.U-17(Under Se venteen)" by defeating the limited boss!

A "Collaboration Multiquest" will be held where you can get "Tinipris"!

"コラボマルチクエスト" PR TIMES

You can get "[★5] T ENIPLIS" by completing the "New Tennis no Oujisama Collaboration Multi Quest" during the collaboration period!
Participate in the limited quests to get it!

Limited to 24 hours each day! Character Present Campaign to Commemorate the Collaboration!


From August 1 (Mon.) to August 9 (Tue.), 2022, a character gift campaign will be held to commemorate the collaboration!
Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the campaign and obtain the collaboration character!

  • Application period: Each day from August 1 (Mon.) to August 9 (Tue.), 2022
  • Follow the official Twitter account (@puyoquest) of "PuyoPuyo‼Quest (PuyoQuest)" and retweet the tweet.
  • One lucky winner will receive a collaboration character!
Character to be given away
August 1, 2022 (Monday) [★6]Kunimitsu Tezuka
Tuesday, August 2, 2022 [★6]Yukimura Seichi
Wednesday, August 3, 2022 [6] Fujii Shusuke
Thursday, August 4, 2022 [6] Kuranosuke Shiraishi
Friday, August 5, 2022 [6] Kazuya Tokugawa
Saturday, August 6, 2022 [6] Sanada Genichiro
Sunday, August 7, 2022 [★6] Masaharu Niou
Monday, August 8, 2022 [★6] Hitoshi Akutsu
Tuesday, August 9, 2022 [6] Prince Sakana ver. Seigaku, [★6] Rokia ver. Hyotei, [★6] Tartar ver. Higa

Countdown Log-in Bonus

"カウントダウンログインボーナス" PR TIMES

To celebrate this collaboration, a "Countdown Log-in Bonus" will be offered from August 4 (Tuesday)!
Log in to "Puyoque" every day and enjoy the countdown to the start of the collaboration event.

Countdown Log-in Bonus
Period August 4, 2022 (Thursday) 4:00 - August 9, 2022 (Tuesday) 3:59
Number of times to log in / Reward items 1st / 1 magic stone
2nd / 1 magic stone
3rd / 1 magic stone
4th / 1 magic stone
5th time / 1 magic stone

Commemorating the broadcast of the program! We're giving away magic stones by drawing lots!

To celebrate the broadcast of " PuyoQue Official Live Broadcast - The New Tennis Prince Collaboration Special " on Saturday, July 30, 2022, 10 magic stones will be given away to 10 lucky winners by lottery!
To enter, follow the official Twitter account (@puyoquest) of "PuyoPuyo‼Quest" and RT the corresponding tweet to complete your entry.
The deadline for application is Friday, August 5, 2022, so why don't you apply!

The New Prince of Tennis Collaboration is extremely packed with limited events, original stories, and much more! Enjoy the many events!
For more details about the collaboration, please visit the special site.


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The winner of the official SEGA Pro Tournament "Puyo Puyo Championship SEASON 5 STAGE...

Sega's official professional tournament "Puyo Puyo Championship SEASON 5 STAGE 2 Final Tournament" was held on Sunday, July 17, 2022 at Tokyo Joypolis

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