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Kaito's battle style turns out! "LOST JUDGMENT: Unjudth Memory" Additional Story DLC "Shoji Kaito's Case Book" New Information Released!

海藤さんのバトルスタイルが判明!「LOST JUDGMENT:裁かれざる記憶」追加ストーリーDLC「海藤正治の事件簿」新情報公開!

Additional Story DLC " Kaito Shoji's Case Files " will be released on March 28, 2022 (Monday).
The story is set in Kamurocho after the events of "LOST JUDGMENT: Untouchable Memories." The main character "Takayuki Yagami," aka Tarabo, is away, and "Shoji Kaito," aka Mr. Kaito, is busy solving the case.
In other words, you will be in control of Mr. Kaito, but considering the security of Kamurocho, it is inevitable that you will be involved in some unfortunate incident.
Mr. Kaito is the opposite of the stylish Yagami, who is a dynamic and manly man in a good sense, and many people are wondering how he will behave when they control him.
For those of you who are wondering, we have revealed her battle styles prior to the distribution of the game !

「LOST JUDGMENT:裁かれざる記憶」追加ストーリーDLC「海藤正治の事件簿」の配信日が遂に決定!

Both are powerful! Two different battle styles!

Mr. Kaito, who can be controlled in "Shoji Kaito's Case Files," has two battle styles.
Both styles are powerful, but you can switch between the offensive "Kakkomi" style and the defensive "Teppan" style depending on the situation.
Each style has its own unique skills, which we would like to introduce!

Kakkomi" style

This is a battle style that embodies Mr. Kaito's signature "dash-and-entry" style, in which he uses his bare hands to break through and beat his opponents to a pulp.
He uses his wild instincts to knock down an enemy's attack and forcibly create an opening with his " Hajiki" technique.


The " Nervous Counterattack," which strikes back immediately after being hit by an attack, is also available.


Teppan" style

This is a battle style that has the power to eliminate enemies around you by putting your body on the line.
Gyogaku's " Just Teppan," a defensive technique that repels all enemy attacks by standing on the ground, and the "Nemesis Counterattack," a technique that allows the player to fight back against enemies.

Kaito can also perform his unique standing maneuvers, such as lifting a big scooter and swinging it around.

He also swings a big motorcycle

Like Yagami, Kaito can also obtain SP through scenario progression and research actions, which can be used to acquire battle skills.
The "Teppan" style EX action, " EX Kiai Endure Counterattack," is a technique that guards against enemy attacks, then forcefully grabs and lifts the enemy's body, causing damage with the impact of the fall of the enemy's own body.
It is reminiscent of the signature move of a certain superhero.

EX, Kiai withstand counterattack

And I suspect there will be many other dynamic actions that will express Mr. Kaito's size and personality!
If you haven't cleared the main story yet, you have until March 28, 2022 (Monday), when "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" will be released!
For more details, please check the "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" page on the official "LOST JUDGMENT: Untouchable Memories" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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