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Discord will be exhibiting at TGS2022 for the first time! Join the official server and enjoy TGS!


Discord ", a communication service used by gamers, projects and companies, will be exhibiting for the first time at Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022 ) to be held at Makuhari Messe from September 15 (Thursday) to 18 (Sunday), 2022. TGS2022 will be held at Makuhari Messe from September 18 (Sun.) to 18 (Sun.).
In addition to the details of the booth, the Discord server for TGS2022 is now open!

Discord will exhibit at TGS2022!

Discord, the gamer's favorite communication service, has announced that it will have a booth at TGS2022!
At the Discord booth, you will be able to enjoy gameplay while using Discord with game influencers, and there will also be a variety of original Discord goods available only at TGS2022!
Some of those details have also been revealed!

TGS2022: Discord Booth Details

TGS2022 Discordブース
TGS2022 Discord Booth

At the Discord booth, you can play "Pokémon UNITE" and "VALORANT" with special guest game influencers using Discord!
If you play in the play corner, you can get a TGS2022 limited edition Discord sticker and T-shirt!
What a great way to get original goods just for playing games!

Also, if you take a picture of the wall with the well-known Wumpus, Phibi, Marrow and other Discord characters on it and post it on SNS with the hashtag "#DiscordTGS2022" and share it with your friends, you can get a Discord trading card! Trading cards will be given away! You can also get another trading card by showing your Discord account!
There will be a total of four types of cards available for TGS2022, and two different designs will be distributed every day during the event.
You must be present for at least two days to complete!

Goods Image

And what's more, if you show your profile badge from the subscription service Discord Nitro, you can enter a raffle to win...possibly win...a limited edition Discord TGS hoodie!
Sizes and quantities are limited, so if you're coming to TGS2022, head to the Discord booth first!

TGS2022: Discord Server Open!

The Discord server for TGS2022 will be open from Thursday, September 1 to Monday, September 26, 2022!
You will be able to share information about the booths and fun activities at the venue on Discord, as well as discuss the latest news on your favorite games and share event photos and stories in real time with other TGS2022 attendees!
There will also be a text channel where you can share your favorite local food recommendations, games you're currently playing, what music you're listening to, and more.

TGS2022 will be the first time that Discord will participate in a Japanese event!
There will be more surprises in store for you besides this announcement!
Many of the gamers who will be attending TGS2022 will be familiar with Discord.
As a token of our appreciation, let's not forget to visit the Discord booth at TGS2022!


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