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Popular cosplayer Moe Iori cosplays "Rina"! Izanagi Games TGS2021 official program appeared in cosplay of "false accusation execution game Yurkil" character!


Isanagi Games, Inc.Still, we have games to play.Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online " (TGS2021 Online), the largest game festival in Japan, opened on Thursday, September 30, 2021, with the theme " Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online.

The official broadcasts and offline venues have been a great success since the first day of the show!

Such was the case with " Izanagi Games," the official final program of the first day of "TGS2021 Online," in which popular cosplayer Moe Iori, the company's false accusation escape-adventure and bullet-hell shooting game " Yurukiru," which will be released on PS4/PS5, Switch, and Steam in spring 2022. She appeared in costume as the character "Yurkir" (CV: Saori Hayami) to introduce the game.

High-quality "Rina Minami" cosplay


Moe Iori is the official ambassador of " Yurukiru," a false accusation-based game, and of course it was announced in advance that she would be appearing on the official " Izanagi Games" program on TGS2021 Online.

Since only a dark silhouette was shown in the pre-announcement tweet, viewers were looking forward to seeing what the cosplay would be like, but the quality of the cosplay was so high that it kept them awake even though the show aired at 23:00.

Moe Iori commented on her cosplay of "Lina," saying, "The half-cloak-like part of the costume was well-made and lined..."


The half tights, half knee-socks outfit is my favorite part of the outfit.


Her hair was also half white and half black, reproducing the hair style of "Lina Sagarina".

What is "Lina Minami"?

Born on July 22, she is 17 years old and her character voice is done by Saori Hayami.
According to her official profile, she enjoys keeping a diary, loves her family, and hates fire.

She is a stunningly beautiful girl. She is not very expressive, and has a curt attitude toward everyone, especially her partner, Sengoku, whom she sometimes shows an extraordinary hatred for.
The purpose of her participation in the Yurukiru Games is unknown.

False accusation execution play Yurkyl

If you missed it, check out the official Izanagi Games YouTube channel!

 Izanagi Games Official YouTube Channel

In the same program, Moe Iori actually played "Yurukiru," a game of false accusation, and messages from the voice actors who appeared in the game were also aired.
funglr Games would like to try out "Yurukiru: The False Conviction Game" at the offline venue, and will report back when we get a chance to play it!

The Izanagi Games show that was broadcast at TGS2021 Online is archived on the official Izanagi Games YouTube channel, so if you missed it, be sure to check it out!


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