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Squeni's TGS2021 Online special site opens! Distribution information of "SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS" is also released!

スクエニのTGS2021 Online特設サイトがオープン!「SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS」の配信情報も公開!

"SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS at TGS2021Still, We Have Games.Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online" (hereafter TGS2021 Online), Japan's largest game festival, will be held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday) to October 3, 2021 (Sunday) under the theme "SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS at TGS2021".
This year, the show will have an offline venue for the press and influencers, and the official website is now accepting entries for the influencer slots.
The conditions are that you must have "more than 30,000 channel subscribers (based on YouTube)" and "a similar number of SNS followers," so if you meet the requirements and think "I'm the one! If you meet the requirements and are interested in participating in the TGS2021 Online, please apply for the contest and let's share the TGS2021 Online offline venue with the world!
In preparation for TGS2021 Online, funglr Games introduces the special websites of each exhibiting company and the contents of their exhibits.
The company that has been the center of attention every year has finally opened its special site! This time we introduce Square Enix!

「東京ゲームショウ2021 オンライン」公式サイトが正式にオープン!出展やコンテンツ情報が明らかに!

SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS" distribution information is also available!

On the "SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS at TGS2021" special site, you can check the contents of Square Enix's exhibit and sales information at TGS2021 Online.
The official TGS2021 Online program will be broadcast as "SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS TGS2021" on October 1, 2021 (Fri.) from 19:00 to 19:50, and will continue until October 3, 2021 (Sun.), the last day of the show. The schedule for "SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS TGS2021 " has also been announced!
I'm interested in all these titles, but personally, I'm looking forward to the " SAGA" series TGS2021 special live broadcast, STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN TGS2021 special program, and"FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRSTSOLDIER" TGS2021 special live broadcast is especially not to be missed!
Let's wait and see what kind of information will be released!
The broadcast will be available on Square Enix's official YouTube channel,Nico Nico Live Broadcast, andTwitch!

First-come, first-served gifts! SALES INFO!

During TGS2021 Online, from September 30, 2021 (Thu) 0:00 to October 3, 2021 (Sun) 23:59, there will be a campaign where special items will be given away to those who purchase items at Square Enix e-STORE and meet the conditions. The announcement was made!
There will be two types of gifts: the " SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Journal with Sampler CD " for the [MUSIC] purchase, and the " SQUARE ENIX Special Mame Dish " for the [GOODS] and [BOOK & COMIC] purchases. I want both too much! I want them both so bad!

スクウェア・エニックス e-STORE購入プレゼント
Square Enix e-STORE Purchase Present!

The "conditions" for eligibility are as follows: 【MUSIC】: purchase of 4,000 yen (including tax) or more in total from the eligible items, and 【GOODS】and 【BOOK & COMIC】: purchase of 5,000 yen (including tax) or more in total from the eligible items. The price tag is not very high, so you should be able to achieve this goal in no time!
The "target products" in question will be released at 0:00 on September 30, 2021 (Thursday), so wait for the release date while you work out the cost of your purchases!
For more details, please check the "SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS at TGS2021" special site!


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