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Gaming PCs and gaming chairs win! G-STAR Gaming appearance "G-Tune x G-STAR.PRO Audience present at nightfall guys"!

ゲーミングPCやゲーミングチェアが当たる!G-STAR Gaming出演の「G-Tune x G-STAR.PRO 夜更かしFall guys」にて視聴者プレゼント実施!

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online " will be held for five days from September 23 (Wed.) to September 27, 2020.
This year, for the first time in Tokyo Game Show history, the show will be held online, and each exhibiting company will be broadcasting on their official programs.
On September 25 (Fri.), the third day of the show, Mouse Computer broadcasted a program featuring Yuka Kuramochi, Mika Nonomiya, and Yuzuno Mizusawa from the e-sports team " G-STAR Gaming," led by producer Yuka Kuramochi.
G-Tune x G-STAR.PRO "Late-night Fall guys " was broadcasted, in which guests cooperated with each other to play the popular Fall Guys game for the audience.

G-Tune x G-STAR.PRO" was broadcasted.

Viewer Giveaway Campaign

In the "G-Tune x G-STAR.PRO Late Night Fall guys," a campaign was held to give away prizes to the viewers, with prize A being a gaming PC from Mouse Computer's gaming brand, "G-Tune&quot The prize was a gaming PC "P5" from Mouse Computer's gaming brand "G-Tune"" and the "Nitro V2" from AKRacing, a standard brand of gaming chairs, as the B-prize.
The number of winners for each prize was 5 for the B prize and1 for the A prize, depending on the results of the FallGuys game played by the contestants.
To access the viewer giveaway campaign, please

Then, you can complete the application process.
The deadline for applications has not been announced at this time.

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Limited Time Sale

In addition, G-Tune gaming desktops and gaming notebooks will be on sale at up to 15% off and iiyama gaming monitors will be on sale at special prices at the official Mouse Computer store on Amazon during the five days of Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online.
The sale includes

  • Space-saving desktop PC G-Tune "LG-S5082SIG5ZJ
  • G-Tune "NM-S711SHR6SZI" mini-tower desktop PC
  • G-Tune "NG-N-NP78SHZK" gaming notebook PC
  • 27-inch gaming monitor iiyama G-MASTER "GB2760QSU-B1

The four products are
For more information on the products, please visit the official Mouse Computer store on Amazon.


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