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The theme of Tet 1 Cup after a long absence is "Kirby Discovery of the Stars"! Icon parts also appeared!

久しぶりのテト1カップのテーマは「星のカービィ ディスカバリー」!アイコンパーツも登場!

The "Kirby" series will celebrate its 30th anniversary on April 27, 2022 (Wednesday).
For the 30th anniversary, various new items will be released, and Kirby's cute appearance can be seen everywhere in the city through various collaborations.
The latest title in the series, " Kirby Discovery," which was recently released, is also a big hit, which of course means that the Nintendo Switch Online subscribers-only " Tetris 99 " event & "quot; Tetris 1 Cup" will be a regular event. It is inevitable that a collaboration will take place in the "Tetris 99" annual event & quot; Tet1 Cup!
The theme of the 29th Tet1 Cup will be "Kirby's Discovery"!

And since it's Kirby's 30th anniversary, there 's a lot more than just the new theme!

荷物を入れるとほおばった顔に!プラチナポイント交換ギフトに「星のカービィ ディスカバリー エコバッグ」登場!

Get the special "Kirby Discovery" theme!

The 29th Tet1 Cup will be held in collaboration with "Kirby Discovery" in the "Kirby Discovery Collaboration Festival! The 29th Tet1 Cup will be a collaboration with "Kirby's Discovery"!
The 28th Tet1 Cup was held from January 21, 2022 (Friday), so it has been 3 months since the last event.

"星のカービィ ディスカバリー"スペシャルテーマ
Kirby Discovery" Special Theme

During the event period, players will be able to earn100 event points by playing "Tetris 99" mode to win a special theme!
The theme features a cute design of Kirby, WaddleDee, and Efirin against the background of the "New World" where the story takes place.
The theme also has a nice sound effect that plays when you copy their abilities when you play Tetris!
Event points are awarded according to your ranking. 100 points are given for 1st place, 50 points for 2nd place, 30 points for 3rd place...you can also get 1 point for 91-99th place, so you can always get it if you play a maximum of 100 times. Don't give up, take the challenge!
The contest will run from April 22, 2022 (Fri.) 16:00 to April 26, 2022 (Tue.) 15:59, so don't forget to not only explore the "New World" but also get a Tet1 Cup!

This is your chance to get Kirby themes from the past at a discount!

In addition to the 29th Tet1 Cup, Tetris99 will also offer a chance to get special themes from past Tet1 Cups at a discount as part of the "Kirby of the Stars" series 30th anniversary special project!
The special theme that can be obtained at the Tetris 1 Cup can only be used by those who have obtained it at that time. Even if they are distributed at a later date, you will need a large number of tickets, such as 30 tickets, which can be acquired in the game.
This time, two special themes collaborating with the "Kirby" series will be available for exchange with only one ticket!
The two special themes are "Kirby Fighters 2 " and " Super Kirby Hunters ", and the "Kirby Fighters 2" theme will be newly added to the ticket exchange. The "Kirby Hunters" theme will be newly added to the ticket exchange, so you can't miss out on this opportunity.


You can also get 10 tickets when you start up "Tetris 99" for the first time, so if you are thinking of starting "Tetris 99", this is the perfect opportunity! This is a great opportunity for those who want to start playing "Tetris 99"!

"Tetris 99" Daily Mission Special Theme

You can exchange "Kirby Fighters 2" and "Super Kirby Hunters" themes with one ticket from April 19, 2022 (Tuesday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday)!
After this period, the normal price of 30 tickets will apply, so don't forget to redeem during this period!

Kirby Icons in "Missions & Gifts"!

Tetris 99" is available only for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so everyone who participates in the Tet1 Cup must be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber.
Nintendo Switch Online offers a variety of special services, but are you taking advantage of the new "Missions & Gifts" service that started on March 1, 2022 (Tuesday)?
You can earn Platinum Points through missions and exchange them for "Icon Parts," which are exclusive in-app gifts. Discovery" as a special 30th anniversary project of the "Kirby" series!

"星のカービィ ディスカバリー"アイコンパーツ
Kirby Discovery" Icon Parts

By exchanging your Platinum Points, you can create your own original user icon by combining the parts, making it a perfect way to show your Kirby love to your friends.
The "Kirby Discovery" icon parts will be available until May 6, 2022 (Fri.) at 9:59 p.m. The lineup will be updated every Friday, so be sure to complete "Missions & Gifts" to earn Platinum Points! Let's earn Platinum Points by completing "Missions & Gifts"!
Please check Nintendo's website for more details!


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New service "Mission & Gift" appeared in "Nintendo Switch Online"! Let's customize the user icon!
New service "Mission & Gift" appeared in "Nintendo Switch Online"!...

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