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Tencent Games Announces "SPARK 2022"! League of Legends and Code: to Jin Yong announced!

Tencent Gamesが「SPARK 2022」発表会を開催 !リーグ・オブ・レジェンドやCode: to Jin Yongの発表も!

Tencent Games, a game developer, publisher and global platform operator, held a presentation of Tencent Games "SPARK 2022" on Monday, June 27, 2022 at 20:00 (China local time). 2022" presentation on June 27, 2022 at 20:00 (China local time)!
At the presentation, new games were announced, projects were introduced, and the prospects of Tencent Games' game technology in other fields such as scientific research, cultural heritage, and industrial applications were also introduced!

New game announcements!

League of Legends Esports Manager

League of Legends Esports Manager", the official mobile game of the popular MOBA "League of Legends" developed and managed by RIAT Games.
As the official mobile game of the League of Legends Tournament, Tencent Games has announced that it will launch an open beta test in the Chinese market in July!

Return to Empire

Return to Empire, a strategy-based mobile game developed for the Chinese market in partnership with Xbox Game Studios and TiMi Studio Group.
The game integrates classic elements of Age of Empires with a 3D battlefield of approximately 625 square kilometers for more freedom of gameplay!
The game allows players to freely organize and combine armies on the battlefield and adjust their strategies according to their own intuition.
Return to Empire" creates classic siege battles, both defensive and offensive, where the battlefield changes rapidly, requiring players to develop their own tactics and strategies unique to each situation.
Players will need to determine their own play style and tactics for each situation.

Code: To Jin Yong

Code: To Jin Y ong" was developed by LightSpeed Studios, the creators of Apex Legends Mobile and PUBG MOBILE, using Unreal Engine 5.
The game's scenario is written by Jin Yong, founder of Shinmei Nippo and renowned novelist, and the game is based on a series of martial arts novels published by Ming Ho Publications.
In the play demo video released, Yang Guo, Qiao Feng, Linghu Chong, and others appear in the game, recreating the spectacular martial arts techniques and fast-paced action based on the world of the wuxia series.
Code: To Jin Yong" is the first Unreal Engine 5 open-world game starring the legendary heroes of the chivalrous world and is scheduled for worldwide release in the near future!


At this presentation, Tencent's cloud gaming technology solution, START ENGINE, released its first demo video, " EVOLUTION ".
In the demo video, players enter a world of dinosaurs, fight dinosaurs in multiplayer, and place trees in the jungle.
The ultra-fine details of the dinosaurs and jungle forests are so realistic that it feels like you are actually there, and the native cloud gaming technology supports natural multiplayer synchronization.
"START ENGINE" development team will focus on the development of native cloud gaming technology to provide users with a new and unprecedented gaming experience.

About the Tencent Games Cooperation Project

Cultural Heritage


Tencent Games has supported the digital preservation and restoration of world heritage sites such as the Great Wall of China, the Dunhuang archives, and the architecture of the Beijing city center using game technologies such as cloud gaming, virtual avatars, programmatic content generation (PCG), and physical-based rendering (PBR). The company has supported the digital protection and restoration of world heritage sites such as the Great Wall of China, the Dunhuang archives, and the architecture of Beijing city center.
By supporting digital preservation and restoration, we are creating vivid narratives of historic world heritage sites and applying game technology to help more people become more visually aware of historical heritage sites, ancient documents, and the history and culture behind them in a more compelling way.

Industry Sector

Tencent Games and Tencent Cloud, Tencent's cloud service business, are collaborating with China Baosteel Group, one of the world's largest steel manufacturers.
Tencent Games and Tencent Cloud, a cloud service business developed by Tencent, are collaborating with China Baosteel Group, the world's largest steelmaker. The partnership has successfully created a "digital twin" of a hot rolling mill (HSM 1580) at Baosteel Shanghai in virtual space and a 3D digital factory that replicates the actual mill.
The partnership will incorporate Tencent's gaming technology into industry digitization, operations and analytics, and real-time simulation within the steel manufacturing process to improve manufacturing efficiency, increase energy efficiency, and promote smart industrial manufacturing while respecting the environment.
In addition, Tencent is working with Zhuhai Flight Training Center, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines, to develop and build China's first full flight simulator ( FFS).
The video system to be developed in collaboration with Zhuhai Flight Training Center will use in-game graphic rendering and physical simulation technology, and real-time simulation technology to create a remarkably realistic and rapid virtual environment.

Scientific Research

Tencent Games also announced its participation in the CATCH (Chasing All TransientsConstellation Hunters) program at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The CATCH program utilizes Tencent Games' industry-leading AI technology, in which multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithms intelligently coordinate over 100 satellites to observe the extreme universe.
This also leverages Tencent's technology for driving non-playable characters (NPCs) to successfully improve the robot's ability to make autonomous decisions to adapt to different types of situationization.
He opined that this technology could be used in the future for applications such as human service and elderly care.

Stephen Ma commented


The gaming industry cannot develop in isolation.
Since its birth, the gaming industry has always developed symbiotically with cutting-edge technologies and has accumulated a unique set of technological capabilities.
With the constant advancement and deepening understanding of technology, games will play a more important role in both economic development and social life while creating even greater technological breakthroughs and richer value.

Tencent Games provides unique technology not only for game development, but also for various other fields.
Stay tuned for more developments from Tencent Games!


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