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Tencent Cloud and SHOWROOM Partner. To add live-streaming function to vertical theater app "smash.


Tencent Cloud, the cloud services business of Shenzhen, China-based Tencent Holdings ( Tencent), announced a partnership with SHOWROOM Corporation. Live ", a unique vertical live streaming function, to the vertical theater app "smash.


New feature added to the vertical theater app "smash.

smash. LIVE
smash. LIVE

smash.", a vertical theater application specialized for viewing on smartphones, has been providing video content in a wide range of genres including music, drama, animation, and variety. Now, two years after its launch, "smash." has surpassed 2.3 million downloads, and as a new development, a new feature, "smash.

In developing the new live-streaming function "smash.

  • Tencent Real Time Communication (TRTC)
  • Cloud Streaming Service (CSS)
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Media Processing Services (MPS)

The company also revealed that it has significantly reduced development time by leveraging a comprehensive audio/video solution that includes In addition to enjoying the low latency and high level of performance of the Tencent Cloud, influencers are also equipped with a beautiful face software development kit (SDK) to help them achieve the best performance in live broadcasting.




The "smash." vertical theater app, designed specifically for smartphone viewing, can be installed from the App Store or Google Play. For more information about the content, please visit the official "smash." website!

Posyu Yen, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, commented: "Tencent Cloud is a leading provider of content creation services.

Tencent Cloud knows how essential live-streaming is as a tool for content creators, influencers, and celebrities to connect with their fans and followers, so we are pleased to offer a comprehensive solution that facilitates the development of audio and video apps by developers and businesses. We are pleased to be able to offer comprehensive solutions that facilitate the development of audio and video apps by developers and companies. These solutions will provide high quality support for "smash." and we expect that the introduction of unique vertical live-streaming capabilities will enable callers to effectively interact with all of their audiences in an intimate way.



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