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TechnoBlood to run the World Super League tournament! Mou concluded with IeSF, International Esports Federation

テクノブラッドがWorld Super Leagueの大会運営に!国際eスポーツ連盟IeSFとMOUを締結

Techno Blood, Inc., an e-sports and café complex business support company, concluded an MOU with the International eSports Federation (IeSF ) on June 26, 2020 (Friday) to host the World Super League (WSL ).
Techno Blood will participate in the WSL, which the IeSF has declared to be a new international e-sports league, as a tournament management company.

Techno Blood signs MOU with IeSF to host WSL

Techno Blood has been involved in the e-sports business since 2002, at the dawn of the e-sports era.
The company has provided comprehensive support for the e-sports business, including operational support for large-scale international e-sports tournaments such as the World Cyber Games (WCG) and Cyber Games Asia (CGA), support for the opening of e-sports facilities, and the organization of amateur leagues.
As an official sponsor of the WSL, the IeSF intends to establish the WSL as a global e-sports league by actively encouraging participation by IeSF member countries.
Techno Blood commented that it will strive for the stable operation and rapid growth of the WSL by making the most of its past achievements and experience in order to further enhance the future of the e-sports world as the WSL's management company.

About the International eSports Federation (IeSF)

The IeSF has a track record of steadily holding international e-sports competitions once a year for 11 years, starting with the first "eSports World Championship" held in 2009.
In 2008, the IeSF was founded with the aim of standardizing e-sports internationally and making it an official sport.
As of 2020, the IeSF has approximately 60 member countries, and its current president is Vlad Marinescu.

What is the World Super League (WSL)?

The World Super League (WSL) is an international e-sports league that brings together the world's best e-sports players to battle it out in a variety of games, and was recently announced by the IeSF.
In light of the recent expansion of the sports market and the maturity of the e-sports culture in each country, the aim is to further stimulate e-sports competitions between countries and promote participation in various international e-sports tournaments.
As a framework, each participating country will select the most popular events in their respective countries and organize a National League for each event throughout the year. Once a year, the representatives of the countries with the best results in each event will gather to compete in the WSL, which will serve as the final battle in the form of a national competition.


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