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TechnoBlood Co., Ltd. announces the holding of a new global esports tournament "World Super League (WSL)"! The prize size is about 50 million yen!

株式会社テクノブラッドが新しいグローバルeスポーツ大会「World Super League(WSL)」の開催を発表!賞金規模は約5,000万円!

The e-sports industry has been booming in Japan, with many tournaments being held in the country.
While various companies are focusing on the e-sports business, Techno Blood Inc., which has been operating various e-sports tournaments since the dawn of e-sports, has announced the launch of the " World Super League (WSL) " as a new e-sports tournament.

Outline of the World Super League (WSL)

グローバルeスポーツ大会"World Super League"
Global e-sports tournament "World Super League

The World Super League is a global e-sports tournament in which e-sports players from 92 countries around the world participate under the official recognition of the International eSports Federation (IESF).
The World Super League was launched under the slogan " The Esports you Making!

Normally, most e-sports tournaments are decided by the organizers and managers, who decide on the titles and game formats.
The World Super League, however, has stated that it will select the venue, events, and players while reflecting the opinions of the fans, so that not only the participating players but also each and every fan will become a collaborator in the creation of the tournament.
Athletes will be selected from regional competitions in Asia-Oceania, the Americas,Europe, and the Middle East-Asia-Africa, while an invitational system will also be adopted in which athletes are invited by fan vote.

WSL Concept

The first competition will begin in 2021 with a total of eight events, including five official events and three deMonStration events.
The Global Finals will be held in Korea, a major e-sports country, making it relatively easy for fans in Japan who are looking forward to this tournament to visit the country.
The total prize money is comparable to other global e-sports tournaments at around $450,000 (approximately 50 million yen ), and since many fans are expected to support the purpose of the tournament, future growth can also be expected.
Details of the representative selection will be announced around May 2021, so please check the official website of Techno Blood Inc. for the latest information.


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