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TechnoBlood eSports-sponsored "TBeS Seminar 3rd" will be held on Thursday, February 17, explaining the topical "In-house Lek eSports"

話題の「社内レクeスポーツ」を解説するTechnoBlood eSports主催「TBeS セミナー 第3回」が2月17日(木)に開催

TechnoBlood eSports (TBeS) announces that the third session of its online seminar " TBeS Seminar " (to be held monthly starting December 2021) will be held on Thursday, February 17, for companies considering entering the eSports market. The seminar will be held every month from December 2021.

The seminar will cover a variety of topics and provide detailed explanations of the "e-sports business" for companies considering new entry into the rapidly expanding e-sports market.

Themes of the "TBeS Seminar No. 3

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The themes currently scheduled for each session are as follows

  • eSports for in-house recreation
  • Management know-how for e-sports tournaments
  • Distribution technology for e-sports events
  • Flow of opening an e-sports facility
  • Management of professional gaming teams and e-sports teams
  • School business conducted by e-sports

The presentation will be explained using actual entry methods and implementation examples that will serve as a reference for new e-sports entrants.

" Is it a trend? What is e-sports for in-house recre ation?", you will hear the reasons for adopting e-sports for in-house recreation, the unique characteristics of e-sports, and the voices of companies that have actually held e-sports tournaments for in-house recreation.

3rd Event Details

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Outline of the seminar
Seminar title Is it popular? In-house recreation using e-sports
Date and time February 17, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00-16:30
Participation Fee Free of charge
Capacity Up to 500 people *First-come-first-served basis


Introduction Seminar flow guide
2) What is e-sports for in-house recreation? Purpose/Features
Difference from other lectures
Examples of e-sports in-house recreation Example of project
Possibilities unique to e-sports
4) Voice of the participants after the seminar Techno Brave Co.
⑤Image of implementation Flow of the event (flow)
⑥Question and Answer Session Q&A time
⑦Future plans Future TBeS seminars

*Some contents are subject to change.


  • Mr. Hirokazu Kikuchi, Production Section, Planning & Operations Department, eSports Division, TechnoBlood eSports, Inc.
  • Mr. Shotaro Aoki, Account Manager, Sales Section, Planning & Operations Department, eSports Division, TechnoBlood eSports, Inc.


  • Takuya Inoue, General Manager, Planning & Strategy Department and Manager, Education Planning Office, Techno Brave Inc.

This "TBeS Seminar" is recommended for

  • Those who want to enter the e-sports market and want to know more about it.
  • Those who want to use e-sports to revitalize communication within their company.
  • Those who would like to propose a plan for e-sports within their company to their account.

The seminar will be held via Zoom, and you can apply for participation from the application (pre-registration) address.

Management Company Profile

Company name TechnoBlood eSports Inc.
Address 6F Kuramae Central Building, 3-1-10 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051
Representative Takefumi Morishima, President and Representative Director
Description of business e-sports business
Contents business for PC cafes
Security business for online games
URL https://tb-es.co.jp/


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TechnoBlood Establishes TechnoBlood eSports, a new company aimed at expanding its esports business
TechnoBlood Establishes TechnoBlood eSports, a new company aimed at expanding its esports ...

The corporation techno blood based in Taito-ku, Tokyo established the new company and corporation TechnoBlood eSports which had further expansion of the e sport