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New team name "DetonatioN FocusMe" to start anew! DetonatioN Gaming" and "TEAM GAMEWITH" have merged their brands!

TEAM GAMEWITHとDetonatioN Gamingが統合して「DetonatioN FocusMe」が誕生!

On December 12, 2022 (Monday), GameWith, Inc. announced the brand integration of professional e-sports teams "DetonatioN Gaming" and "TEAM GAMEWITH" operated by its subsidiary DetonatioN, Inc. The team name was also changed to "TEAM GAMEWITH" in conjunction with the brand integration.
In conjunction with the brand merger, the team name will be changed to " DetonatioN FocusMe " and activities will begin under the new rebranded team.
GameWith, Inc. integrated its e-sports business, including TEAM GAMEWITH, with DetonatioN, Inc. in November 2022, only one month after the merger.

Background of Brand Integration

In October 2021, GameWith, Inc. made DetonatioN, Inc. a subsidiary, and in November 2022, the e-sports business operated by GameWith, Inc. was integrated with the subsidiary DetonatioN, Inc.

Through this brand integration, the two companies will mutually benefit from DetonatioN Gaming's strength in " know-how in team management and player support " and TEAM GAMEWITH's strength in " know-how in transmission and video distribution, " and aim to become a team on par with the world's best. The new team will be named "Detetto" and will have the name of "Detetto" in Japanese.

New team name "DetonatioN FocusMe" and new uniforms

DetonatioN FocusMe ロゴPR TIMES

The team name "DetonatioN FocusMe," which was changed in conjunction with the brand integration, follows the name that DetonationN Gaming's League of Legends division has been using since 2014.
The team name "DetonatioN FocusMe," which has led DetonationN Gaming in both popularity and performance, will now be used by all divisions worldwide.

DetonatioN FocusMe ユニフォームPR TIMES

The uniforms have been redesigned to be timeless and universal, and the front and back of the uniforms incorporate the TEAM GAMEWITH symbolic pulse design as a sign of the integration of the two teams.

New sponsorship agreements were signed with four new companies

DetonatioN FocusMe 4社とのスポンサー協賛契約を締結PR TIMES

The company also announced that it has signed sponsorship agreements with four new companies to coincide with the brand integration.
DetonatioN, Inc. commented, "We are committed to creating an environment for our players to compete on the world stage.
The following four companies have signed sponsorship agreements with DetonatioN.

  • Endian Relaxation Drink "CHILL OUT
  • Foreign Exchange Finest Co.
  • Life Card Co.
  • Sotsu Medical Corporation "MYTREX

Subscription service "DFM CREW" also launched

公式サポーターズクラブ"DFM CREW"PR TIMES

As an official supporters' club, DFM CREW, a subscription service that allows members to promote DFM in a box without being limited to a specific division or player, has also been launched.
The service offers a variety of benefits, such as subscriber-only videos and exclusive events that bring the players closer to you.
For more information, please visit the official DFM CREW website.

DetonatioN FocusMe

DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) is one of the top professional eSports teams in Japan, with its home stadium at " Commufa eSports Stadium NAGOYA " in Nagoya.
With over 60 members, the team's brand power spans MOBA, FPS, TPS, TCG, fighting games, competitive action, soccer games, and more, with the goal of always winning on the world stage.
In October 2021, the League of Legends division achieved Japan's first top 16 finish in a world tournament for this game title, and the Valorant division will participate as a participating team in a league to be held in Seoul, Korea, from March 2023. The company is attracting attention as a pioneer of professional e-sports teams in Japan.


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GameWith Co., Ltd. announces the subsidiary of DetonatioN Co., Ltd., which operates the professional esports team "DetonatioN Gaming"
GameWith Co., Ltd. announces the subsidiary of DetonatioN Co., Ltd., which operates the pr...

the operator of the game strategy website "GameWith", announced on October 26, 2021 that it will acquire shares of DetonatioN Inc., the operator of th

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