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The familiar skit of the series is also alive and well! The detour elements of "Tales of ARISE" are released!

シリーズおなじみのスキットも健在!「Tales of ARISE」の寄り道要素を公開!

Namco Bandai's " Tales of " series is currently in the midst of its 25th anniversary.
The latest title in the series, " Tales of ARISE," will be released in a little over a month.
It has been five years since "Tales of Berseria" was released in 2016 as a title for home video game consoles, and expectations for this new title are very high.
The recent release of the opening animation, which features a video created by ufoteble and the song " HIBANA " by Kikaku Pierrot, has further increased the level of interest in the game.
Although "Tales of ARISE" seems to be a stalish and serious game from the information released so far, the long-loved charm of the "Tales of" series is still there.
The video introduces the "Tales of ARISE" game's side trip elements!

Let's take a break from the sub-event elements!

The video released this time is called "A short break in the journey.
As the name suggests, the video introduces "side trip" elements that allow Alphen and his friends to take a break during their journey.


The " skit," in which the characters engage in various conversations, whether serious, comical, or just everyday conversation, is a familiar feature of the series and is still present in this video.
In previous titles, there were titles that could be obtained by watching skits.
In this title, the presentation has evolved to 3D, reflecting the equipment, costumes, and attachments, as well as the location and time of day.
The content of conversations will change depending on the time of day, and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of interactions will unfold.


There is also a lot of fun to be had when " camping out " for recovery.
In addition to being able to communicate with your friends, you can look back on skits that occurred along the way at the encampment spot, and you can choose a character to share a conversation with before going to sleep to see a new side of him or her.


The series' well-known " cuisine " is also alive and well.
The " Marbo Curry," which originated in Tales, and other slightly peculiar dishes will make you say, " Yum, yum! and other dishes that make you say, "Yum, yum!
Each character has his or her own special ties, and when you put him or her in charge of a particular dish, you will be able to enjoy cooking it.

Owl Hunt

In each series of Tales, there is also the fun of searching for specific items in various locations.
In this title, there is an "Owl Hunt " to find " Fleur's friends " that are hidden everywhere.
Dana owls of various colors, shapes, and sizes are hidden in towns, fields, and many other places, so find them at your leisure!
Finding the owls will bring them back to the "Owl Society," and you can also obtain attachments that they have.


Bertie member " Kisara " is a fishing enthusiast, and in this game, you can " fish" at various locations.
It seems that the fish that can be caught differ depending on the location, so it might be a good idea to try fishing first when you visit a new spot.
You can record your catches and collect your fishing achievements. Aim to complete the collection!

The music in the video was composed by Tsutomu Sakuraba(@MotoisakurabaM), who has worked on numerous "Tales of" series.
A special interview with Mr. Motoisakuraba, who talks about his thoughts on "inheritance and evolution " in the music for "Tales of ARISE," is also available for viewing.
Please take a look at it to get yourself pumped up for the release of "Tales of ARISE" on September 9, 2021 (Thursday )!
For more information about "Tales of ARISE", please visit the official website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

The opening anime of "Tales of ARISE" created by ufotable is released! The song is in charge of "sensory clown"!
The opening anime of "Tales of ARISE" created by ufotable is released! The song ...

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