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[Um, good!! Tales × Cooking Brother! Completely reproduce marbo curry with "cooking researcher Ryuji's buzz recipe"!

【う、うまい!!】テイルズ × 料理のお兄さん!「料理研究家リュウジのバズレシピ」でマーボーカレーを完全再現!

Tales of ARISE ", the latest title in the "Tales of" series, is scheduled for release on September 9, 2021 (Thursday).
This is the first new home video game in five years, so it is a title that will be of interest to both fans of the series and newcomers. I have already pre-ordered it!
The other day, the " Tales of ARISE" game was revealed, and the series' well-known "skit" and "cooking" systems are still in place in this title.
Cooking," in particular, is an important element for strategy.
In addition, thanks to the recent evolution of graphics, the dishes that appear in the game look really delicious and make you want to try them.
Now, a famous cookbook author is giving us a recipe that will make those dreams come true!
A recipe video of the legendary " Mar-Bo Curry," a menu item that originated in Tales, has been released!

シリーズおなじみのスキットも健在!「Tales of ARISE」の寄り道要素を公開!

The recipe for the "Supreme Marboe Curry" is now available!

This video is a collaboration between Ryuji, a cookery researcher and representative of Buzz Recipe Co.
Ryuji, who professes to be a fan of the "Tales of" series, seems to be very pleased with the video.
He seemed very happy when DEEN vocalist Shuichi Ikemori, who sings the opening song of "Tales of Destiny" "As if it were a dream," appeared as a guest, and he really likes the "Tales of" series.
The " Supreme Marboe Curry " introduced this time is his favorite and most delicious recipe out of more than 2,000 recipes he has prepared!
Please check out the recipe on his YouTube channel, " Ryuji's Buzz Recipes "!


In addition to easy-to-understand recipes, he also compares kitchen knives to Dimroth, names of techniques such as "Phoenix Rush," "Nail Dragon Renga Zan," "Scattered Rain," and "Irruption," as well as "Life Bott le," "Panacea Bottle," and "Panacea Bottle. The video is full of love for the "Tales of " series.
The video ends with a discussion of Farrah's omelette from "Tales of Eternia," which shows how much he really loves the series.
If you want to know what kind of scene it is, play "Tales of Eternia"! It's a great scene that will destroy your tear gland!
It may require a few more seasonings, but the ingredients are simple and the process is not difficult, so I am sure you can do it too! I'm going to buy some beet sauce and honey on my way home!
This weekend, let's make the " Supreme Marboe Curry " and recover all HP and TP!

Play the demo version before it's released!

This collaboration is not only introducing the recipe of "Marbou Curry" on "Ryuji's Buzz Recipe", but also on the Tales of YouTube Channel!
Yusuke Tomizawa, IP producer of the "Tales of" series, and TOY-kun, administrator of the "Tales of YouTube Channel," appeared in the studio of Ryuji, the "Wonder Chef," aka the cooking brother. They will try the "Marbo-Curry" in the studio of " Wonder Chef" Ryuji, aka "Big Brother of Cooking"!
Will the taste be officially recognized? Will the " U-UMMY! will it be recognized by the official judging panel? Please watch the video to find out!

In the video, you can see Ryuji's love for the "Tales of" series overflowing in his talk, and you can also see him playing the demo version of "Tales of ARISE," which will be released on August 18, 2021 (Wednesday ).
Watch the video to hear Ryuji talk about his favorite characters and see how good he is at the game!
The rest of the "Tales of ARISE" demo will be shown in the second collaboration video, so subscribe to the Tales of YouTube Channel and wait for it to be released!
For more information on "Tales of ARISE", please visit the official website!


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