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Tales × Cooking Brother 2nd! Completely reproduce oriental rice with "cooking researcher Ryuji's buzz recipe"!

テイルズ × 料理のお兄さん第2弾!「料理研究家リュウジのバズレシピ」でオリエンタルライスを完全再現!

Tales of ARISE ", the latest title in the "Tales of" series, is scheduled for release on September 9, 2021 (Thursday).
Since a free demo version of the game was released on August 18, many people have probably had a chance to experience a part of the newly reborn world of Tales.
As for me... I actually haven't tried the demo version! I wanted to save my excitement until the game's release!
I'm sorry, Bandai Namco...but I' ve already pre-ordered the game, so please forgive me...
Now, "Tales of ARISE" is the first new title in the series in 5 years, and there are various plans in the works for its release.
One of the most talked-about projects is the collaboration video between Ryuji, a cookery researcher, and the official Tales team.
Last time, he released a recipe for a perfect recreation of " Marbo Curry," a menu item that originated in Tales, and social networking sites were filled with comments from those who actually made it, such as "U, yum! on social networking sites.
As you may have guessed from the video of Ryuji playing the "Tales of ARISE" demo version that was released at the same time, the second collaboration video has been released!
This time, the menu is the "Oriental Rice" that Harold served in "Tales of Destiny 2 "!

【う、うまい!!】テイルズ × 料理のお兄さん!「料理研究家リュウジのバズレシピ」でマーボーカレーを完全再現!

The recipe for "Oriental Rice" is now available!

This video is the second collaboration video between Ryuji, the "Wonder Chef" of the culinary world and the representative of Buzz Recipe Co.
The " Oriental Rice " recipe introduced in this video is a dish that appeared in the "Tales of Destiny 2" mini-game. It also seems to appear in "Tales of ARISE."
It seems that there are various kinds of "Oriental Rice " in different parts of Japan, and the dishes vary, but this menu seems to be close to the official recipe that was previously shown on " 876TV ".
However, for the full picture of the "Oriental Rice" that Ryuji, the number one cookery researcher who respects Tales the most, has seriously prepared, please check out his YouTube channel " Cookery Researcher Ryuji's Buzz Recipes "!

Ryuji compares the drink he makes with his well-known alcoholic machine to a " Panacea Bottle," compares his favorite kitchen knife to a "Sodian Chartier," and when cutting onions, he says, " Tiger Fang Breakthrough. The key to the flavor is the oyster sauce.
The key to the flavor is oyster sauce, so if you don't have it, go out and buy some!
" Being able to eat the same food as the characters is a real otaku's dream come true! Ryuji's recipe for "oriental rice" is a perfect example of how fans of the game are feeling, so let's wait for the release of the full version while playing the demo version of "Tales of ARISE"!
Don't forget to reserve your copy of Tales of ARISE for the early bird special, which will allow you to make Oriental Rice from the very beginning of the game!

The second half of the demo version is now available!

Not only will you find the recipe for Oriental rice in the "Ryuji's Buzz Recipe" section, but you can also watch the collaboration video on the Tales of YouTube Channel!
Just like last time, "Tales of" series IP producer Yusuke Tomizawa and " Tales of YouTube Channel" administrator TOY-kun will appear in Ryuji's studio to taste Oriental Rice!
By the looks of their clothes, I think it was the same day as the last episode... Didn't Mr. Tomizawa finish the Marboe Curry last time? What kind of eating will he show us this time?
In the second half of the video, Ryuji continues his play-by-play of the "Tales of ARISE" demo version.
In the previous video, Ryuji's playthrough ended just before he took on Mantis, but in this video, he takes on Mantis in full force !
This time, they are ready to take on Mantis in full force!

A collaboration café will be held where you can enjoy the recreated menu!

TOARISE&テイルズ オブ25th Anniversary Cafe
TOARISE & Tales of 25th Anniversary Cafe
価格.com GGShibuya公式Twitter

The "Supreme Marboe Curry" and "Oriental Rice" are easy to make even for novice cooks, so we hope you will try them, but if you don't cook at all, you may need to prepare all the cooking utensils, and there are many kinds of seasonings. However, for those who do not cook at all, there are some people who want to cook but cannot, or who want to eat but cannot.
For those people, the collaboration cafe "TOARISE & Tales of 25th Anniversary Cafe" where you can enjoy the collaboration menu introduced by Ryuji will be held!
In addition to the "supreme marbo curry" and "oriental rice," other menu items and limited-edition goods will also be available for purchase!
Details will be posted on the official Twitter account of price.com GGShibuya(@GshibuyaG ), so be sure to follow the account and wait for more information!
The exhibition will be held from Friday, September 3, 2021 to Thursday, September 16, 2021! The event will be held at " price.com GGShibuya " on the 6th floor of Shibuya PARCO!


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